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Former MonaVie CFO to launch White Coat Nutrition

Devin Thorpe has left MonaVie, a network marketing giant where he had served as the Chief Financial Officer since 2008, to help in the launch of White Coast Nutrition. During Thorpe’s tenure at MonaVie, the multi-level marketing business ...


Look for the Mary Kay dealer driving a slick BMW

Once upon a time, a successful Mary Kay representative was judged by the car they drove — usually a pink Cadillac. But those days are changing. Company executives used the annual Mary Kay convention in Dallas, to unveil the newest corporate ...


Train your downline to follow the leader

Managers obviously have to manage one or more people. Leadership imposes the duty to train others in the way you and your company want to do business. The men and women who are willing to work produce results in network marketing. This also makes ...