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How to Identify and Set Reasonable Personal Development Goals

personal development goals

Personal development is an industry worth more than $41 billion right now. This should be no mystery why since people want to live their dreams, achieve smashing financial success, and have fulfilling careers. Personal development is a key that can get you there. 

What is personal development? This is a broad term that refers to any kind of cultivation and development that gets you to where you want to be in life. 

Let the points of information below help you learn the ins and outs of setting and achieving your personal development goals. 

Have an Overarching Mission Statement

Many people bog themselves down with so many different goals and objectives. This sounds like a proactive approach to take, but it can quickly turn into analysis paralysis. You can avoid this by having an overarching mission statement that acts as a throughline for it all. 

This mission statement is the north star that empowers every personal development goal. 

Learn as much as you can about setting solid mission statements that you can follow through on. Think of this mission in the macro of who you want to be as a person. You can then carry this mission statement into every goal and category. 

Make Them Measurable

Next, it’s crucial that you realize that you don’t even have a goal until you make it measurable. This takes it out of the realm of dreams and ideas and makes it practical. 

Quantifying your goal is an easy way to do this. For example, rather than just saying you want a raise or to get rich, add a number to the amount of money that you’d like to earn, or a percentage for the increase. 

You can also measure how far you want to go. This can mean an increase in rank at a company. Time is another measurement that makes the biggest difference. This means setting a deadline that lets you act with deliberateness and intention. Making your goals measurable will reap major rewards for your personal development. 

Set Goals for Different Parts of Your Life

Once you have a mission statement and a vision for who you want to be, you’ll live with intention rather than jumping from goal to goal. Having this mission also helps you align your purpose so that goals in different areas of life move you in the same direction. 

When you understand where you’re headed in life, it’ll inform everything from what you eat when you wake up in the morning to what airline you fly. This keeps you focused so that your personal development remains consistent, without loss. 

Read Some Personal Development Books

Feed your mind like a voracious scholar and it will fuel your personal development. This starts with building as impressive a library as possible. Look into staples from brilliant minds like Napoleon Hill, Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Eric Thomas, and Robert Kiyosaki. 

People have lived through pain, discomfort, and trial and error to come away with the knowledge that they pass along in these books. You get to skip the hard part and learn from their successes. Become an avid learner and let it send you in the right direction toward your goals. 

Start a Journal

We take in so much information each day from so many places. Aside from that, the human memory is a flawed mechanism. The way to combat this is by maintaining journals. Not only will these journals help you chronicle your life, but you can jot down the many nuggets of wisdom that you pick up along the way. 

This can include things that you have learned from others and wisdom that you gained through your own reflections. You also get the benefit of decluttering your mind so that it is free to think clearly, positively, and productively. 

Exchange Notes With Others

On the path to personal development, you will quickly realize that you’re not alone. Start to exchange notes with others on the path. 

Find a group of mentors, people on the same level as you, and people that you can teach. Having all three of these allows you to build the type of experience and resolve that you need. It keeps you humble while also giving you something to strive toward. 

Including Coaching and Education

Finally, never hesitate to invest in yourself. Personal development books are a starting point, but you also need coaches and formal training. 

Once you figure out what you want, find out what teachers, schools, and courses you need to help you. This will sharpen your weapons and help you become the person that you need to be to bring each of these goals to fruition. 

A personal coach will help you create a personal development plan that you can follow so that you can track your progress without missing a beat. 

Work Your Personal Development Goals

Having personal development will help you add meaning to life and squeeze the juice out of every moment and effort. You’ll be glad that you took your life seriously enough to give your goals an honest effort. These words of advice can get you started. 

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