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Ray Higdon

Ray Higdon

Ray Higdon is a well-known name in the network marketing world. Many people don’t know the difficult road that he had to travel to get where he is today. In 2004, Ray took a risk and decided to start his own real estate business. By 2008, the business went belly up and he was left trying to find something new to do with his life. He made changes, such as continuing his education, building new relationships, and rebuilding old ones. Then, he gave network marketing a try.

Realizing that Little Changes Can Make a Big Difference

Unfortunately, network marketing didn’t prove to be an overnight success for Ray. He worked with 11 different marketing companies without having the success he desired. This didn’t deter him from pushing forward with network marketing. Eventually being rejected from individuals became second nature and didn’t slow him down at all.

He found that making little changes in the way that he approached network marketing would make a huge impact on the sales that he was able to make. He figured out that only focusing on the things that he could control allowed him to have the freedom that he needed. He found that putting 100% of his focus on network marketing allowed him to have the success that he wanted and needed.

It’s a Secret that Shouldn’t be Hidden

Once Ray figured out the keys to network marketing, he knew he couldn’t keep it to himself. He started building a training company that helps people have success in network marketing. He shares his skills with others so that they can learn how to approach network marketing in a different way. Ray is a two-time best-selling author. His books walk people through the skills that he found to be effective in network marketing. He also developed programs that answer questions and provide approaches for network marketers to use. His coaching company is so successful that Inc 5000 recognized it as one of the fastest growing companies in America.

His unique approach has been proven to work so well that he and his wife Jessica were able to develop a hit reality show called Play to Win. Contestants can use their skills in business and sales to overcome challenges to win an amazing opportunity.

Taking Training to the Next Level

Selling training material that could help network marketers wasn’t enough. Ray decided to start traveling to train individuals at seminars in person. He uses these events to provide a more personal training experience. He answers questions and provides unique insight that helps people learn how to be as successful as he is. At the seminars, top performers can connect with other marketers to share tactics that they have found effective. Ray found that mimicking the success that others have had can help people to be successful themselves. Seeing other people succeed in network marketing can also help motivate people to keep pushing to reach their dream. Ray is determined to help people reach their full potential and have the life that they deserve.

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