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Jordan Adler

Jordan Adler

Jordan Adler is the true representation of the American Dream. For more than a decade, he struggled with money, even though he was keen to become financially independent. From the time he was studying in college, he wanted to make money, and plenty of it. Who doesn’t?

Money Struggles

Adler certainly wasn’t born rich. He grew up in Chicago, Illinois as part of a low-middle class family. Luxuries weren’t common. When he picked up a 25-cent book on residual income at a garage sale, it certainly piqued his interest. Adler knew this was the key to the life he wanted.

At first, it didn’t seem to be going his way, though. He was educating himself on different ways to earn money. He was particularly interested in making a passive income so that his money would work for him, not the other way around. He tried ten different network marketing companies for over 11 years, but he never signed even one distributor.

He reached age 34, and things looked pretty bleak financially. His bank account held less than $200 and his rent was exactly that sum for a garage in Tempe, Arizona. He worked for an airline that had just filed for bankruptcy and his take-home pay was $14,000 per annum. He had also managed to rack up a debt of $36,000 across 22 credit cards. He couldn’t even catch a break with his car; his jeep hadn’t moved in two years and he had to catch a bus to work every day. Millions of people across the country can empathize with this situation. However, what happened next wasn’t something that happens to most.

From Bust to Boom

In just three years, Adler turned all that around. How? Network marketing. Adler is a significant success story, having become the top earner in a network marketing company that has two and a half million distributors. He has earned nearly $20 million from network marketing alone.

One conversation with a mentor changed everything. Adler went on to build a business that consists of more than 200,000 distributors. That network serves almost half a million people in various countries around the world.

Living the Dream

These days Adler travels the world training and speaking to audiences. He helps people build their businesses and achieve their dreams. He truly is a great example of living out your fantasies.

His book, Beach Money, is an Amazon best-seller and has excellent information. It shows readers how they can compress a 30-year career into just three to five years, allowing people to really enjoy their life. It is a fantastic textbook that allows you to learn from someone who earns more than $1 million in passive residual income every single year. All of the proceeds from book sales are used to help budding entrepreneurs in developing countries.

Adler has homes in Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Chicago, but when he’s not relaxing at one of those, he can be found motivating people all over the world. He may even be flying a helicopter, having gained his license at age 55. He also recently signed up for the Virgin Galactic program with the sole aim of being the first network marketing astronaut.

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