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How to Succeed in Network Marketing: 5 Hot Tips for New Marketers

how to succeed in network marketing

Are you trying to make a second stream of income on top of your day job? More and more people every day are considering network marketing as a valid option. Is it right for you?

Not everyone knows how to succeed in network marketing, and it’s true that many people end up giving up or losing money. If you know the tips and tricks, though, you can reach network marketing success. 

If you’re unsure, that’s okay. It’s not for everyone, but we think that with the right skills and tools at your disposal, you can make your network marketing business thrive. 

Keep reading to learn our top suggestions for new network marketers today. 

1. Build a Personal Brand

One of the biggest mistakes that any new network marketer can make when they’re trying to succeed with network marketing is not making themselves stand out.

When you’re one of the thousands of people who are all trying to advertise and sell the same product, you aren’t going to succeed unless you make yourself pop. But how can you do this? 

Personal branding is everything. Think about how other businesses succeed. They brand themselves with colors, slogans, and logos. While you aren’t running a personal business, you are still your own marketer and salesperson. This means that you need to brand yourself. 

Every person’s brand is going to be different. What works for one successful network marketer won’t work for another, so this might be a trial and error process.

What do you excel in? What’s your general aesthetic? How is your social media presence? 

You want your branding to be consistent, entertaining, and memorable. You want to look like an authority and like someone that people will want to talk to. 

2. Be Authentic

People can sense inauthenticity a mile away, and no one wants to buy from or join someone who seems too “sales-y.” You need to strive for authenticity for the duration of your network marketing journey.

But how do you do this?

First, make sure that you aren’t being pushy. The trope of people pushing their network marketing products on everyone is real, and people can sense when you’re trying to make a quick buck off of them. 

Remember that the people you’re targeting are real people with lives, careers, and hopes. When you keep yourself on their level, you’ll have an easier time being authentic. 

It’s also important that you pick a business you actually support. Do you like the products you’re trying to sell? If not, how can you expect other people to join you? 

It’s obvious when someone doesn’t stand behind the products that they’re advertising. When you can tell that someone doesn’t use their own products, it doesn’t inspire confidence! 

3. Find a Target Audience

Have you made the rookie mistake of going after all of your friends and family members for your network marketing efforts? Have you pretended to host a normal party and then turned it into a marketing event? 

This isn’t the way to go. People won’t appreciate it if they think that your routine hangouts are actually attempts from you to sell to them. You’re destroying your personal relationships and you aren’t going to gain many (if any) customers or recruits this way.

Even if you do pick up a few customers, your goal is to get repeat customers. If people are only buying things to appease you or because they want to support a friend, you won’t get many long-term customers.

Instead, find an audience that makes sense and try to reach them with social media. You can talk to the person who recruited you about how they developed a great target audience. It’s a great idea to network with other people in the industry so you can offer suggestions and support. 

When you determine that target audience, think about where those people tend to be in the online sphere. Are they people who use Facebook? Do they follow beauty gurus on Instagram or Youtube?

How can you use these things to your advantage? 

4. Pick the Right Business

Not all network marketing businesses are alike. We already told you how important it is to pick something that you can support authentically, but that’s not the only thing you need to take into consideration when you’re making your decision. 

Make sure that you look into these companies before you commit to them. You want to find a supportive company that has an income structure that’s clear and easy to understand. 

This both helps you feel confident when you’re trying to recruit new people and also gives you more overall security. 

5. Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Many people try to quit their full-time jobs when they first get started with network marketing. This isn’t a good call.

It takes time to develop a functional network marketing business. You may spend your first year in network marketing using trial and error to find the best plan of action for yourself. You don’t want to find yourself in financial distress or you may toss away helpful network marketing secrets due to desperation. 

If you’re successful, you may be able to switch to network marketing full-time. But don’t set yourself up for failure.

That’s How to Succeed in Network Marketing

Network marketing isn’t easy, and it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. You’re going to have to commit to the process and use trial and error to figure out how you can make it work for you. 

If you work hard and stay consistent, you can reach network marketing success.

Are you looking for more ways to learn how to succeed in network marketing? We offer a community of other marketers as well as a supply of helpful resources. Join us today!

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