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A lot of people who are interested in working from home will come across 5Linx at some point or another. But just what is this company? What do they offer and how are you able to make money out of their systems? This text will hopefully enable you to have all your questions answered, helping you to decide whether or not you should start up with 5Linx.

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Who Is 5Linx?

The company was founded in 2000 by three people who are still employed there now. They are the CEO Craig Jerabeck, the Executive VP of Marketing Jeb Tyler and the Executive VP of Sales Jason Guck. They came up with a network marketing system that has shown to work since they first started now some 14 years ago.

Indeed, they did so well that they entered the Fortune 500 list some five years after first starting. This is a very short time to become this successful and something that has not been done by many others. The reason why they are so successful is mainly because they have fantastic leadership in place.

The Products Offered by 5Linx

With any network marketing opportunity, what really matters is the products that they actually allow you to work with. 5Linx is different in as such that it doesn’t just focus on a single niche, but rather works across the board. Their products include:

  • Energy, which includes energy saving tips and ways to save money on your existing service. Thanks to this, the market is becoming more competitive, driving prices down. Thanks to 5Linx, people can shop for the best rates and change their suppliers if needed.
  • Online backup services, offered through DataVault. It is an automatic program that people install on their computer, and it then backs up all the data present there at regular intervals.
  • Health care, through the EnahncedcarMD program. This system allows you to access RNs and doctors around the clock, allowing people to access medical care quickly and at a good price. It is also beneficial for those who want to reduce their prescription costs.
  • Mobile phone and telephony, ensuring people are able to get the best package for them.
  • Satellite television through Dish Network and DirecTV, which is a much better and cheaper alternative to the standard cable.
  • High speed internet, as always ensuring that customers are able to get the best deal at the best price.
  • Security systems, in partnership with Protect America Inc. They focus specifically on GE wireless systems, which are great for domestic and commercial properties alike.

the company

Various other services are included as well, such as coffee, VoIP solutions, payment solutions and many, many others.

How Does 5Linx Work?

5Linx, as you can see, offers a whole host of opportunities for people to get plugged into. Their services and products are all of excellent quality, which means the opportunity to build a business out of it is certainly there. Naturally, this will only work if you are able to get the leads to actually build your business. Marketing is a scary world for many, but once you get into it, it is actually reasonably easy. Additionally, 5Linx is there to assist you with hints and tips to make your business a success. A number of online marketing options are there for you to use, including Facebook and Twitter, to name but a few options.

Through 5Linx, the possibility to build a true empire is certainly possible, so long as you know what you are doing. Although they are there to help you, they do not offer you a true training platform to really improve the way you conduct your business. This is something that I felt was lacking.

The Compensation Plan

Network marketing is all about getting compensated for your hard work. Through 5Linx, there are different commission opportunities to take part in. In fact, there are eight different models. The two best-known one are the commissions from product sales, and residual income from payments of distributors and clients. Additionally, there are various bonuses and other incentives on offer that can be worked towards, which include luxury cars, vacations and profit sharing. Indeed, the top prize is the Bentley that you can actually earn.

5linx Compensation PlanThe compensation depends on the level at which you become a representative. Customer Representatives have to pay $99, whereas the Independent Marketing Representative have to pay $499 as their initial investment, but they are more likely to be able to earn this back quicker.
You have to pay a monthly fee, currently set at $49.99. For that money, you will receive a website that contains all the services and products. It also includes access to a back office and various other products that will help you improve yourself and the way you approach your business. Additionally, there is a yearly renewal fee of $99.

What I Liked about 5Linx

  • Huge variety of products or services, meaning you can get stuck into highly specific niches that really feed into your own passion if you want to.
  • The compensation plan is very interesting and there are many different ways to earn.
  • There are different levels at which to join, meaning you can really test things out before you invest too much.

What I Didn’t Like about 5Linx

  • There is no training platform that can be used to help you grow and learn.
  • The fees are quite steep and there is no option of one time only payments. Instead, you must pay the monthly fees, as well as the annual renewal fee.


The Final Verdict on 5Linx

Overall, I believe 5Linx to be an excellent company to work with. Their products and services are fantastic and well-established, and they span across a range of different niches, meaning you will never find yourself in a situation where you have to sell something that you don’t understand or believe in. The compensation plan is very fair and there are numerous reports of people who have used it to its full potential and really earned good with it. I fully recommend this program to anybody who wants to get started in the world of network marketing.

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