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Tony Robbins

The concepts of mentoring and network marketing go hand in hand, and one of the most prominent influencers in network marketing, in the last three decades, has been Tony Robbins. Over 50 million people from 100 different countries have claimed to turn their lives around and progress from a mundane existence to an extraordinary life after taking one of Tony’s programs. Worth an estimated $480 million and counting, Robbins embodies successful network marketing and demonstrates how the power of the mind can help people to achieve personal triumphs despite their prevailing circumstances.

The Robbins brand encompasses best selling books, multimedia, health products, public speaking and live events, “modeling the pathway to excellence” for other networkers. While the brand ticks each of the boxes for how to create a successful multilevel marketing organization, the strength of the mentor, in this case Tony Robbins, is what holds it all together so effectively. In this article we’ll take a look at what constitutes effective networking marketing and how Tony Robbins’ brand has got it down to a fine art.

The Central Role Of The Mentor And The Need For Support

Working with others who have extensive experience in a particular field or industry is what inspires success. An individual’s willingness to learn can only really be fulfilled when there is someone on the other end to share information and advice, because nothing counts for experience.

Because of the multi-tier system that ensures top and bottom tier members all benefit from the sales of a product or service, there is a huge incentive for those at the top to coach and mentor those who are just starting out in a business.

Robbins began his career promoting Jim Rohn’s seminars. It was by understanding Rohn’s philosophy that success comes about as a result of how one lives, and through accepting him as a mentor that Robbins was able to build his own career and business empire. His association with Rohn also helped him to develop credibility and integrity; he had a context and background in empowerment and life improvement that people recognized.

To take a note from Robbins himself, who believes that progress is one of the motivating factors for people to succeed in life, people working within a network marketing structure need to see progress being made by themselves, as well as by the people above and below them, to develop a sense of achievement.

Some articles refer to support structures and systems, which are also crucial for any multilevel marketing strategy to run efficiently. Within network marketing none of the components (or people) can operate independently, and they all need to be brought together as one cohesive unit to be successful.

Robbins’ Products and Services

When we take a look at the success of the brand, it is very clear that unlike many other companies, the Robbins brand is highly un-specific in terms of its demographic and target prospects, which goes against any marketing textbook you will pick up. The concept of self-empowerment, or teaching a man how to fish as opposed to giving him fish, is something that everyone on the earth wants to learn. Tony Robbins created essential products and services that are applicable to everyone, everywhere. From stay at home moms, to professional athletes and international politicians, the product methodology that is employed by the brand is universally relevant.

One of marketing’s little sales tricks is to get prospects to believe they need a product or service, even if they may not. With Robbins’ products and services, everyone knows, deep down, that they do need this product, making the sale that much easier.

When we look a little deeper it is apparent that Robbins’ own success is testament to the efficacy of the products he promotes. Simply put, his books, talks and seminars work. High quality products that generate positive feedback literally start to sell themselves. As a mentor and brand leader he epitomizes success and gets buy-in from people because of his track record and professional persona.

When You’re Working With Multiple Levels, You Need Stability

A company’s age and reputation is fundamental for network marketing success. In the public eye for 30 years, Robbins’ success is inspiring, making selling network marketing so much easier.

Turning Clients Into Repeat Clients: Creating A Cycle Of Success

One of the challenges marketers face is maintaining a relationship with clients so that they return. Robbins’ products cater for different clients, offering the opportunity for the person to self-reflect and make the recommended changes, or attend a seminar where he or she is completely immersed in the brand and its messaging, or to have coaching.

Creating programs ensures that the need for continuous improvement is fulfilled. Once a person has completed a step or stage, they can proceed to the next one, so the customer never really leaves the sales cycle. The very fact that Robbins suggests people heighten their expectations all the time and improve themselves continually, ensures they need constant guidance and there is a need for a product to assist them in their self-development.

Straddling Different Industries And Why You Shouldn’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

Another of Robbins’ network marketing successes has been the variety of products on offer. Not everyone reads books, some people respond better to audio or visual cues. Others may not enjoy “quiet” time at all and may prefer to be told about something or engage in something more interactive, making the seminars successful

Robbins spent many years developing neuro-linguistic strategies to help people improve their quality of life but has also acknowledged the importance of physical health, creating an opening for him to introduce his range of health products to an already captive market.

As well as working with individuals, the Robbins brand has extended into business and leadership management at a consulting level, amplifying success rates when the methodologies are applied at organizational level. Each one of the individual successes is used to develop another success or increment, ensuring the model is always under continuous improvement.

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