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Mark Yarnell

Mark Yarnell

Mark Yarnell didn’t know he was going to touch the lives of millions when he dropped out of college. He didn’t know he would become an international business leader in network marketing. That happened in 1986 when he was a minister for a church in a small community. The church lost its major funders while he was getting ready to lose his six-year-old Chevy car. It’s when you’re getting ready to lose a six-year-old car with a cracked front windshield that you may think now is the time to change things in your life. That’s where Mark’s story really starts.

Network Marketing in Twenty-One Countries

Many people may say Mark Yarnell’s successful life story defied the odds. Maybe he had luck on his side. Or perhaps he had God in his corner. Mark Yarnell might tell people he may have had both, but he also had network marketing opening up doors he never knew were there. It was network marketing that allowed Mark to build a significant organization in twenty-one countries. Today that organization has over 300,000 representatives that, if they follow his lead, have the opportunity to reach their full potential too.

Publisher and Philanthropist

Mark Yarnell never sat down after he succeeded in his network marketing enterprise. Instead, he kept moving forward by publishing eleven books, giving inspirational and motivational speeches, and making videos. He also wrote articles and blogs about how success doesn’t just land on you. You have to go out and find it, live it, and then mentor others on how they can do it too. In addition to the multiple responsibilities and goals he sets for himself along the way, he also worked with Dr. Charles King of Harvard University and co-created the first certification course in network marketing.

Yet, Mark Yarnell is still not done moving forward and giving back. Upline Magazine named him the Greatest Networker in the World and he officially became a Network Marketing Hall-of-Famer. There aren’t many days that go by before Mark reaches out and helps support a variety of charitable organizations with his philanthropic spirit. One of his greatest community outreaches is done behind walls where no one sees him. He helps others by giving literacy skills to penitentiary inmates and through the School of Sobriety in Nevada.

Success is never final. Mark Yarnell lives by that creed every day when he gets up in the morning. Every day he strives to do one more thing that will make the world a better place and help others find the courage to continue to try.

Following Your Own Path in Network Marketing

By living what he teaches and teaching what he knows about network marketing, Mark Yarnell has changed lives and given to those in need. He has helped countless people learn that you don’t have to wait to take academic courses to learn how to succeed in business. Although, they’re great to have. But you can become a success in network marketing and blaze your own trail. Mark Yarnell didn’t follow a path someone else told him to take to become a success. He hit the ground running in network marketing. Now he’s made it easier for you to learn from his mistakes along the way. He shares the wisdom he has gained, so you can apply it to your life and network marketing position. Find a way to forge your own way forward into the successful future you deserve.

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