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Tom Schreiter

Tom Schreiter

Tom “Big Al” Schreiter has over 46 years of experience in multi-level marketing (MLM), also known as network marketing. Before writing his successful training books for others, Schreiter proved he knew what he was doing in the MLM business. In less than two years after starting, he gained over 100,000 distributors in his own downline.

After his incredible success with his original “Big Al” training books in the late 1970s, he has put his knowledge of network marketing to good use. He gives speeches on what he has learned to those who want to grow their business by taking his advice.

When his books came out, his triumphant record in his downline of distributors made his guidance even more valuable. His words of network marketing wisdom have reached people and cultures in over 90 different countries.

His public speaking events encourage and help people new to the MLM business. Tom Schreiter wants to broaden his teachings to others by sharing the exact words and phrases distributors can use to get potential distributors to open up and say yes to this lucrative business opportunity.

Schreiter has written several more books that can help new and seasoned distributors become better in MLM and network marketing. His influential books can teach people how to be more confident in public speaking. They also share ways to impress and guide people, connect to new people, and so much more. Some of Schreiter’s books include:

  • Create Influence: 10 Ways to Impress and Guide Others
  • The Four-Color Personalities For MLM: The Secret Language for Network Marketing
  • The One-Minute Presentation: Explain Your Network Marketing Business Like A Pro
  • Ice Breakers! How to Get Any Prospect to Beg You for a Presentation (MLM & Network Marketing Book 1)
  • How to Follow Up with Your Network Marketing Prospects: Turn Not Now into Right Now! (MLM & Network Marketing Book 4)

Most of his books are available on Kindle, Audiobook, and Paperback. Those interested in learning more tips from Tom Schreiter can have free access to them by going to

His written work contains over 46 years’ worth of experience in MLM and network marketing. It allows him to offer you the following tips when you need to learn more about network marketing:

  • How to find better prospects
  • Build an instant rapport with people
  • How to build a bigger downline
  • Being a better closer
  • Learn how to network better than before
  • How to gain more leads
  • The steps in teaching distributors how to be a leader
  • How you can become more successful in MLM and network marketing

Tom Schreiter touches on this and so much more in his free and paid materials. He also uses his expertise by creating valuable audio training. This has made him a favorite speaker at both company conventions and regional events alike.

As one of the best leaders in MLM business and network marketing, Tom Schreiter can help guide distributors. He can tell any prospect or current distributor step-by-step instructions on exactly what to say and do to become successful distributors.

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