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Jim Bunch

Jim Bunch

Jim Bunch

Where do you begin in attempting to describe Jim Bunch? Well, it’s not easy but here goes. Bunch is one of those people who would be successful in whatever field he chose to go into. Bunch has a single-minded dedication to helping people and business find success whilst at the same time ensuring that he personally maintains his own Ultimate Life.

For the best part of twenty years, Bunch has been involved in North America and around the globe with building his own businesses and helping others succeed in building theirs. Bunch is supreme in helping people discover and realize their potential, potential that has sometimes been hidden. Bunch is a man who has an impact: just ask any of the thousands of people who have attended his workshops and seminars.

Bunch was still in college when he started his first business. In 1999, he and some associates built the virtual tour pioneer In less than a year, had attracted over 100,000 customers with an income of some $30 million. After Bamboo merged with Ipix it became the world’s leading online virtual tour provider.

Network Marketing

I don’t know how much you know about network marketing. It’s not an amazingly difficult concept: Quite the opposite really. I remember when the idea was explained to me some time ago by a friend who had just bought into a network marketing opportunity my first reaction was: that’s so simple why I didn’t think of that.

As I said, the concept behind network marketing or multilevel marketing is very simple. The starting point is that any business needs customers: I know that seems like a pretty obvious thing to say, but stay with me. Look at it like this, what if your customers go out and get customers and you take a share of that custom? So your customers become your sales force. That’s network marketing.

We’ll call each member of the sales force that you hire an “independent representative”. Each independent representative becomes a distributor of your goods and/or services. In turn, you encourage your independent representatives to put together their own team of independent representatives. You will discover that the most successful network marketers have an overwhelming desire to help themselves and to help develop the people in their teams.

Each independent representative earns commission on her individual sales and on the sales made by her team of independent representative. For the network marketer there is a very strong element of coaching involved. The more that you as a network marketer develop as a coach the more you can help your team of independent representative fulfil their potential and in turn become better teachers themselves.

As a network marketer, you coach your team to success. You have your system that you control. You have the freedom to be creative and innovative and develop your business after your own fashion. As a successful network marketer you will have a business and income that have unlimited potential to grow.

Jim Bunch and Network Marketing

Bunch got involved in network marketing when he was quite young. He tells the story of how he was working at UPS as a twenty one year old and was introduced to network marketing by one of the managers. He was pretty excited at the opportunity and excited at the life it offered him.

He did quite well earning some $4000 – $5000 a month to begin with. But what was really exciting for him was how this opportunity led to another and led to another and so on. Bunch says that there were some frustrations along the way, but – and this was the big thing for him – network marketing allowed him to unfold his passions. His passions became the network marketing opportunities that he was opening up for himself and sharing health.

Network marketing afforded Bunch the chance to pursue what he was truly interested in: personal development. Top of his list of values is learning. And you’ll appreciate from what I’ve said above, if you are going to succeed in network marketing you have to have the desire to help other people develop.

It’s very much a virtuous circle. You as a network marketing help others in your team develop. You also help them develop as coaches and teachers in their own right. The more successful you are at developing others, the more successful they will be at developing others. All of this adds up to you being highly successful.

As a successful network marketer you will share certain qualities with other network marketers like Jim Bunch. Key amongst those qualities are the passion for learning and passing on this learning to others. As a network marketer you want others to succeed because their success is your success.

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