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Sarah Robbins

Sarah Robbins

From Small Beginnings

24-year-old Sarah Robbins was a kindergarten teacher who loved her job. But when the economy hit rough times, it seemed that she might lose her job. Her husband Phil had a landscape construction business that was also affected by slow trade. So, they set out to find something that would offer them more financial sustainability.

What Sarah didn’t realize at the time was that this blip in her career may have been the best thing that ever happened to her. It led her to pursue a new path in network marketing.

Early Misgivings

Sarah describes her misgivings at the time, saying that she was skeptical that a shy woman like her could make a success of network marketing. The economy was in a serious downturn. Her skills were as a teacher, not a marketer. But she was soon to find out that an ordinary person like her can become incredibly wealthy in a relatively short space of time, when they use the methods properly.

Initially, Sarah ran her network marketing business part time. She kept teaching, hoping that things would pick up for her and Phil.

Putting the System to Work

Sarah knows the power of studying and applying the results. She started building her team and encouraging others to join. By the end of the year, she was shocked when she saw that she’d earned more from network marketing than she ever had from teaching. So, she decided to move forward with her new business.

Five years later, having not yet reached 30, Sarah was taking home a healthy six-figure monthly income from network marketing with Rodan + Fields. At this point, they decided that Phil should retire from his construction business and they could run a successful network marketing business together.

Achieving Great Heights with Network Marketing

Now Sarah and Phil are the top earners in their company. Sarah Robbins is the number one distributor and she earns a seven-figure annual income that most people only dream of. They travel the world together and Sarah inspires audiences everywhere sharing her system for success.

From her previous life as a teacher, Sarah has the skills to show others how it’s done. She has also authored the best-selling book “Rock Your Network Marketing Business” so she can reach more people and help them achieve their dreams.

Network Marketing and Giving Back

Not only does Sarah help people by teaching them her system, but her and Phil now have the opportunity to give back. Their network marketing business allows them the time and money to transform other lives. They built an orphanage for 100 children in India and will provide educational resources to the children. They also intend to build more orphanages.

Sarah Robbins has changed her life with her network marketing business. She loves influencing others and showing them a path to achieve their dreams. As she says, network marketing “takes ordinary people and helps them to achieve extraordinary results.”

You can learn more about Sarah Rockin Robbins and her team here.

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