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Greg S. Reid

Greg S. Reid

Greg S. Reid

Every once in a while humanity has the good fortune to have one amongst its ranks who is quite literally able to enhance the lives of others. Greg S Reid is just such a person. His enviable list of accomplishments include being a bestselling author, a sought after motivational speaker, entrepreneur, CEO of a number of highly successful corporations and a filmmaker who has been handpicked by the Napoleon Hill foundation.

However, there is something more about Reid; something that makes him that one in a million person: his personal successes are impressive but these are surpassed by his single minded dedication to helping others, people like me and you, to gain their own complete fulfillment in living their own lives of purpose.

Former President of the United States of America, Bill Clinton, told Reid in a letter that he (Reid) had devoted his time, talents and energy in fulfilling America’s bright promise for its people. Reid has published well over forty books, which have been translated into some thirty languages. He has also made five motion pictures and it is probably impossible to count the number of times he has been featured in magazines. One of the things that Reid has been a tireless advocate of is the idea that the most valuable lessons we learn are the easiest ones for us to apply to in our lives.

Greg S. Reid and Network Marketing

What is network marketing? The idea behind network marketing is a very simple one. Imagine being in a position where you have your own independent sales force, we’ll call each of these sales people independent representatives. You get commission on your sales and on the sales made by your independent representatives. Just as a point of information here, Network marketing is also known as multilevel marketing and cellular marketing.

That in nutshell is network marketing. You reach potential customers through independent representatives that might be inaccessible through traditional marketing methods (whether online or offline). But we can take things further.

You have an incentive to recruit and train the best independent representatives. Now imagine giving each of your independent representatives the same incentives that you have. So what you get is independent representatives acting as distributors of the goods or services that you sell. In turn, they are encouraged to build and manage their sales forces by recruiting their own independent representatives. Each independent agent earns commission on her own sales and on the sales of her sales force.

What’s great about network marketing is that you are your own boss. You have your own business. Your success is down to you. Of course, life comes with no guarantees of success. If you decide that you want to earn a certain amount of money, it’s down to you to go out there and make it.


The most recent book by Greg S. Reid is Think and Grow Rich “Stickability”: The Power of Perseverance. This book builds on the work of Napoleon Hill’s classic Think and Grow Rich. Reid’s book is full of good sense for network marketers. There are few truer points than that success is not something that is given to you as a right. It is something you have to work for. You will have setbacks: this is where the idea of Stickability comes in.

Reid’s book gives us a timely reminder that there are times in our lives when we lose sight of our dreams because the reality of persevering in the face of the challenges that life throws at us can seem just too much: a step too far. He reminds us of the teaching of Napoleon Hill: that even the greatest of us has to deal with setbacks and often success follows swiftly on the heels of a setback dealt with.

You may have entered into a network marketing business (or you may be thinking about it). You are going to have to work at this to make it a success. If there are two qualities you will need more than any others they are the desire to help yourself and to help others. It’s a virtuous circle. The more you help others; the more you successfully coach your team; the more successful you will be. But to do this you need to persevere and not throw in the towel when things don’t go quite how you expected them to go.

Successful network marketers stick to their guns. You keep working with people; you work with your system and take advantage of opportunities that come your way. No matter what the obstacles; no matter what others may say to you: you keep going. That is what Reid would call stickability. Stickability is what successful network marketers have.


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