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6 Questions to Ask Your Upline

6 Questions to Ask Your Upline

If you have discovered a multi-level network marketing opportunity of a lifetime and want to work with this unique business model you need to check out their upline program by going several levels up from your sponsor. After all, once you sign on with the business, you too will become a sponsor to those you bring on board.

You will want to know what it's like to go upline. Determine good questions to ask with targeted answers when they are checking out the business just like you did. Most people want to learn more about upline in multi-level network marketing because it is a great place to start when researching a business venture. You may already know about network marketing and all its benefits. But do you know about the specific multi-level network marketing company's business structure and opportunities?

When you check out a company's upline personnel several layers removed from your sponsor you can learn so much about the company. There are six questions you may want to ask and learn as you travel through the upline company levels.

What are the Business Goals?

Ask what the business goals of the company you are exploring are. Traveling through the upline layers you need to find out the business’s goals and visions. Are the goals and visions the same as your upline sponsors?

Goals and visions don't help you make or break sales, but you need to believe in the goals and visions of your company. You need to believe in your business’ products or services before you try to market and sell them to others. The company's goals need to also fit in with your long-term strategy so you can grow and develop as you move through multi-level marketing levels of the company.

Who are the Top Three Upline Sponsors?

You need to speak to at least two or three upline sponsors to learn even more about the company. You want to connect with the sponsors because each has their own unique perspective, experience, and knowledge they can offer you. Now is the time to learn all about what they have learned along the way.

How Much Time do You Need to Dedicate to Make This Work?

Everyone wants to know the answer to this question, but only a few dare to ask it. Your upline sponsors will know just how much time this position requires in order for success to happen. They will also know how many people, agencies, organizations, and businesses you need to reach out to regarding this network marketing product or service.

What Type of Training is Offered?

Training can mean the difference between success and failure in network marketing. Your upline will know not only what type of training is offered, but your also how well it works. Sponsors will know what else needs to happen for your success.

Your training needs to occur when you need it, and you want it. The training allows you to make the most of your investment of time and effort. It's even more beneficial when there are recommended and experienced trainers from outside of the company available to you.

What is Your Communication Style from Upline to Downline?

You need to know what communication exists between the upline (leaders) and the downline (distributors). Effective communication should begin in the recruitment stage and should include persuasion, motivation, planning, and goal setting. The cycle of communication involving all these attributes is the foundational piece for your success. It is also the common thread of benefits you want from any multi-network marketing company.

Do You Ever Pass Leads to Your Downline?

Why is passing leads to your downline so important? You are beginning your multi-level networking process. You are officially a beginner with a lack of experience or knowledge about how things work within the company. There are pros and cons to network marketing, but one of the biggest pros is that the sky is the limit. But, you need to have a starting point to make learning the ropes easier.

You want the company to help you see the profit good sales and networking can bring you. You don't want them to do all the heavy lifting for you. If a company does all the work for you, learning how to manage on your own will be impossible. Also, be wary of a company that tells you they will give you all the leads you want. That's not how it usually works and its best to check this out if that's what's promised you.

You have asked all the questions you want answered, and you are now determining what company feels like the best fit for you. Remember you want to identify with the network marketing upline techniques and methods. Your goal in this business is to participate in a company where their multi-level network marketing is something you believe in and can promote.

More importantly, you want to use the upline methodology in ways that only increase your sales and ability to bring on people that help grow and make the company stronger and better. Multi-level marketing is all about flexibility and customized sales presentations.

To sell and grow the way you want to, you need to sync up your upline communications. Person-to-person contact allows for strong relationship building. Strong relationships help you succeed in multi-level network marketing. Let nothing stand in the way of your success in your new field.

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