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How to Succeed in Network Marketing

How to Succeed in Network Marketing

Network marketing has been around a long time, it began with Tupperware parties and vacuum salesmen going door-to-door. Today it is seen across every social media platform and has proven itself to be a source of reliable income. It is also known as multi-level marketing or MLM. Some of the most well known brands in network marketing are Mary Kay Cosmetics, Avon, Thrive by Le-Vel and It-Works!

Multi-level marking businesses are sought after for flexibility, low work hours and low cost start-up packages. It is the perfect opportunity for anyone looking to break free from a 9 to 5 and be their own boss. Are you wondering if network marketing is the ticket to changing your life? In this article we will discuss what it takes to be a Network Marketing success and make the most of your investment.

Find Your Perfect Fit

First thing is to find a company that you can stand behind. Many people see friends posting things like "Want to earn 500 dollars this week, like or comment to find out how." These offers are tempting to jump on after being sweet talked by your friend about how great their company is and they are probably not lying. However before you make the commitment, spend some time researching the company, its products and reviews from people who found their success and those who didn't.

According to Business Insider there are easy to spot signs that an MLM opportunity is a scam. The most obvious is that it seems to good to be true, the company focus' more on recruiting than selling, poor training and pushy sales tactics. Do your duty and spend some time researching before making a commitment.

Have a Business Mindset

Treat it like it's your own business. This is such a simple concept that it is often overlooked. Doing so will keep you focused on following the training and driven to success, would you open your own business and then put it off to the side for another time? I don't think you would, it may be a small sliver of someone else's pie but you have the power to make it as large as you see fit.

Consistency is Key

Consistency is a layered concept in Network Marketing it applies to several facets of your new business. To be consistent with your daily and weekly efforts means reaching out to clients and recruits regularly. This includes advertising on social media and engaging with potential clients. Identify what you can do and don't set the bar too high. There is nothing worse than promising yourself you will make an effort everyday and then not being able to, it will start a cycle of disappointment that will weigh you down.

Be Prepared to Wait

MLM success doesn't happen overnight and it requires work. Often times a person buys into a Network Marketing Business because it looks easy. While it is generally a simple business model, especially with social media in your tool belt, it takes time to build a pipeline of clients and recruits. Keep your expectations low and celebrate the small successes along the way. Write down your goals and read them often, doing so keeps you from biting off more than you can chew.

Become a Master at Marketing

Getting yourself out there in a way that inspires action in your audience takes skill and skills develop with experience. The pros that have been doing this a long time started by learning one method of marketing at a time and mastering it. It's easy to overwhelm yourself by trying to learn it all at once, sometimes the best thing to do is keep it simple.

Take some time to identify which marketing method fits you. This is important because people want to buy from authenticity. I can buy Avon from anyone who is posting on Instagram but I want to buy from the person who shows me who they truly are, who has passion for the products that comes from true desire and experience. Your audience can feel when someone isn't authentic and will naturally turn away from it.

Your goal should be to sell yourself not your product and you cannot do that if your using a marketing method that doesn't suit your natural talents and feel comfortable to you. If you feel comfortable making videos about your products and experiences and have a great presence on camera then do that. If you do better in your community talking face to face than do that at the local farmers market. Whatever it is for you find a marketing method that brings you joy and abundance will follow.

Identify Your Fears

An unconscious fear starts as a tiny hole in a boat, small at first and easy to overcome. Then a big wave comes, or a heavy storm and suddenly it grows bigger and begins to sink the ship. The storms of Network Marketing are slow months, loss of recruits or personal circumstances that prevent you from working. There will be disappointments along the journey and with an understanding of your fears you can navigate them with success. A disappointment combined with a fear of failure may lead a person to give up or lose their passion for success.

Build a Community of Support

The beauty of multi-level marketing is that there are seasoned veterans above you and newcomers under your wing. Working with the pros lends confidence and helps a person to feel a sense of belonging. Having newcomers to teach and nurture keeps the passion alive and can bring a person out of a time of low motivation.

According to the Direct Selling Association's 2018 data there are 6.2 million direct sellers and 36.6 million customers for a total of 34.5 billion dollars in retail sales. Network Marking is the perfect opportunity to become a direct seller and invest in this booming industry.

Stand Out in Network Marketing

Whether your just starting out or looking at Network Marketing as your next opportunity remember to make it your own. The seasoned pros that built Network Marketing into what it is today did just that. They took consistent and purposeful action, they persevered during hard times and kept learning from their mistakes. With so many distributors out there being yourself will sell far better than spouting the same old cookie cutter training.

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