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Do you want to create your own hours and become the boss of an independent business? You can do that by becoming a PrimeMyBody Affiliate. Read on to learn more about how to be a PrimeMyBody Affiliate and the compensation plan they have in place for those who join.

PrimeMyBody Opportunity

Those who want to create their own independent business and quit their day job should consider becoming a PrimeMyBody Affiliate. By being an Affiliate, you can plan your own hours, reach business goals, and be the boss. It also allows you to distribute health products to customers who want to live healthier lives.

According to PrimeMyBody Rewards Plan, PrimeMyBody allows people to become their own bosses by enrolling in the program. There’s an initial fee of $39 at enrollment, which is payable annually. PrimeMyBody doesn’t require you to purchase any products up front, although, they do offer optional starter packages for new Affiliates.

PrimeMyBody Products

Do you need help sleeping, or do you want healthier skin? PrimeMyBody has a small collection of health products such as:

  • Skin products
  • Protein superfoods
  • Hemp extracts

From Protein Superfood to Calm Hemp Extract, PrimeMyBody has created all of their products to promote health and well-being. The ingredients of each product, as well as its health benefits are listed on the website for your information before purchase.

If you know a lot of men and women who would love to purify their skin or need extra help sleeping better at night, then this opportunity is for you. PrimeMyBody’s product prices range from $35 to $219. Keeping yourself updated on current and upcoming PrimeMyBody products can make you appear more professional to your customers. It can help build trust and loyalty between you and your customers when you are able to give them recommendations on what they are trying to look for in a product.

Is PrimeMyBody a Scam or Pyramid Scheme?

As reported by the Federal Trade Commission, people can earn money from a multi-level marketing business (MLM) in multiple ways. First, you earn a commission on the products that you sell. Secondly, you earn commission from what your sponsored recruiters make through personal purchases and their own sales.

At PrimeMyBody, not only do you earn a commission from your customers’ orders, but you also earn commission when you recruit other Affiliates. With reward plans like the Residual Rewards, Affiliates receive a percentage of what each Affiliate in your group earns. Your earnings increase as you build your team and customer revenue.

With each yearly membership, you receive a personal replicated website and an online business center with online support. Your online business center comes with real-time views of your commission, your entire organization, other significant notifications you might need to know, and more.

Affiliates’ replicated websites give your customers the opportunity to order online. Using the Affiliate’s replicated website allows PrimeMyBody to appropriately apply the commission to the right salesperson. Affiliates can also create a unique and memorable website name for their replicated website. Some customers might want to stay loyal to the Affiliates who introduced them to products. So, having a name for your replicated website can set you apart from other Affiliates in your area.

Therefore, PrimeMyBody isn’t a scam or pyramid scheme. You can earn money by selling their products to customers and from those you recruit into the Affiliates program. Every business comes with risks and expenses, but PrimeMyBody offers the tools an Affiliate needs to succeed. These include the cutting-edge products, unique replicated website, personal support, an online business center, and more. What you do with it is up to you.

PrimeMyBody Compensation Plan

There are several ways to earn money when you start your business as a PrimeMyBody Affiliate. Before you become an Active Affiliate, you need to sell or buy one order of products that add up to $100. This is a requirement for every affiliate who wants to remain an Active Affiliate.

According to PrimeMyBody Rewards Plan, one way to make money is when a retail customer orders PrimeMyBody products from your replicated website. This means they pay the full price of the item. Then you earn the difference between the wholesale and retail price. For example, if a customer orders the Full Spectrum Hemp Nox at the retail price of $219, you earn $30. That’s because the wholesale price is $189; $30 is the difference between the retail and wholesale prices.

You can also earn a commission what Preferred Customers order. Preferred Customers are those who want shipments of PrimeMyBody every month. If you’re lucky enough to get Preferred Customers, you receive a 25% Customer Acquisition Bonus on their first purchase.

You can earn other rewards and bonuses along the way. If you have friends and family who love these products, this could be an excellent way for both of you to earn a return on purchases. Preferred Customers get wholesale prices on PrimeMyBody products, just like Affiliates do.

Every Affiliate creates a group that has a left and a right team. The more people you bring on each team, the more Reward Points you can earn in each Cycle. As you rise up the ranks from Star to Black Diamond, the more rewards and bonuses are available for you to collect.

PrimeMyBody History

Paul Rogers founded PrimeMyBody in 2015. He started this business to help people live a healthier life with his health-conscious product line. Rogers and his team settled their business in Carrollton, Texas, with other locations in England, Tokyo, and Canada. However, their passion for getting healthy products to people all over the world is only growing with each new, innovative health product.

Do you want to become a PrimeMyBody Affiliate? If you want to help other people change their lives by discovering natural, innovative products, then PrimeMyBody could be the right company for you. It’s a great opportunity to create an independent business where you can be the boss and choose the hours you work each day.

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