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You have probably already heard about Cutco maybe more than once. You may have been invited to work for them. What is this company really all about? Cutco is based in the United States and it manufactures and sells American-made knives. It has a network marketing program, which is managed by its subsidiary Vector Marketing. Read more about this cutting-edge company.

Cutco Opportunity

Cutco hires independent sales representatives from all over the United States to sell its products to potential customers. You can apply at Cutco’s site to be interviewed and once you apply, you’re contacted by one of the team lead marketing professionals. Managers at Cutco are always looking for good candidates so you might get through the hiring process very quickly. Before starting to sell Cutco products, you’ll go through training. This is why no representative needs prior experience to sell for Cutco. During training, you learn everything about the organization and how to properly land sales.

One of the biggest advantages of this opportunity is the possibility to set your own hours. Some people don’t have a lot of extra time and maybe selling Cutco products in addition to their regular job. Cutco has a structure that allows you to work specific days and times that fit your schedule. Other sales representatives want to work full-time so they can sell more products. The unique benefit Cutco offers its sales representatives that they pay you for meeting with customers, even if you don’t make any sales. Most other network marketing companies can’t compete with that. This makes the work at Cutco a very stable freelance opportunity. Several high school graduates and college students apply to these positions, as it provides them with some excellent sales experience. But even if you have a lot of sales experience, Cutco is a very worthwhile opportunity to check out. They have a generous commission structure and other opportunities to make money. Over 1.5 million people have worked for the company and many of them have been very successful.

Cutco Products

Cutco offers a large variety of American-made knives and other kitchen products. Its offerings range from basic table knives to more expensive culinary cutting knives. Clients can find table steak, paring, cheese, boning, butcher knives and more. French chef knives and cleavers, as well as other specialized products, can also be found in Cutco products. They can be bought individually or in sets. The company also sells tableware, shears, and cookware that offers pans and other handy kitchen gadgets.

All the items sold by Cutco representatives have a lifetime guarantee, which is one of the main selling points of the company product line. If a Cutco knife breaks, the client can use the warranty to receive a new one. This can be done easily without any difficult paperwork or aggravating phone calls. Cutco knives can be sharpened for free, too. By following a procedure listed on the company’s website, anyone who has proof of purchase for a Cutco knife can send it back to the factory and have it sharpened. Only a small shipping fee is required.

Is Cutco a Scam or Pyramid Scheme?

Cutco deals with network marketing, which is often confused with multi-level marketing. There are many horror stories out there about companies using both terms, so you might be wondering whether it’s a scam. You can rest assure Cutco is not a scam or pyramid scheme. There are no pyramid schemes that involve the sale of a verifiable high-quality retail product, excellent customer service, and reliable warranties.

When deciding whether an opportunity may be a scam or not, you must look for some typical red flags. Two major red flags are if a company doesn’t have a product and is offering huge returns quickly. If there is no actual product, it means that you are not selling anything but a promise. Most scam companies don’t have a product to sell. The people at the top get all the profit while the others don’t make any money and sometimes lose money.

Huge and unrealistic returns are red flags also. Cutco has decades of history; a huge structure and it doesn’t promote a “get rich quick” scheme. Cutco offers a real opportunity to participate in sales. You do not need to pay to participate, and it only works with direct single-level sales. You don’t have to hire other people to make sales for you to get commissions. If you work hard, you can profit. Even if you don’t always land the sales, you’ll still be paid for your efforts.

Cutco Compensation Plan

This company is offering a proper job in sales, so what is your pay and compensation benefits? You get commissions from all the successful sales you make. Additionally, you receive money from each meeting with a qualified customer, even if it doesn’t end in a sale. The more sales you make, the higher your commission will be. Commissions can be as low as 10% if you don’t do so well, or as high as 30%. It depends on how many products you can sell each week. Cutco paychecks are also given to sales representatives weekly.

By meeting any qualified customer, you get at least $18 per meeting even if nobody buys anything. This means you never feel like you wasted your time trying to convince a potential customer to purchase your Cutco product. You can get a lot of money or just enough for what you need it for, but it’s rare to go without a paycheck. Clients go through a very brief qualification screen before the meeting, meaning you’ll have people who are qualified and already interested in buying knives.

Cutco History

Are you interested in working for Cutco? Then it’s a good idea to learn everything about it. Cutco was founded back in 1949, so it has decades of history and tradition. Initially, Cutco was known as Alcas. The name change happened in 2009 when the owners decided to rebrand. Cutco was a creation of two other companies: the Alcoa Corporation, which produces aluminum, and Case Cutlery, focused on producing pocketknives.

Both companies wanted to manufacture quality knives, so they decided to start a partnership and a new company. Alcoa bought Case’s share of the company back in 1972 and it’s still owned by them today. Cutco owns retail stores across the United States, and it has a large team of independent professionals selling its products. Do you want to be a part of it?

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