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Eric Worre

Eric Worre

Most people in the world of network marketing know the name Eric Worre and consider him an inspirational figure. If you are interested in this field and have done your research, you have surely read about him at least once. How did this man achieve his fame?

Eric Worre’s Network Marketing Community

Eric Worre started his career with network marketing over 30 years ago. Like most people in the industry, it took him a long time to climb to the top. After following a very successful path, he started to give lectures and become a prominent figure.

In 2009, he decided it was time to go to the next level with his biggest move ever. Eric Worre launched a site in which he would share his knowledge about the industry. This was how the Network Marketing Pro community was created.

This new site would provide people with Eric Worre’s knowledge about how to win in the network marketing business. It was a big hit and it continues to grow today.

Since the launch, the site has produced and published over 1,400 videos. Over five million people watch them every day. This makes Eric Worre the main source of knowledge in the sector. The network also has a thriving community of participants, a library of videos, texts, and more.

In 2010, Worre started the Go Pro Recruiting Mastery. This annual event is focused on helping people to grow their network. Within the first six years, 17,000 people were registered in the annual event.

The Eric Worre Go Pro Book

The next step of Eric Worre was taken in 2013 when the entrepreneur decided to launch his own book called “Go Pro — 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional”.

In this new project, he gave insights to people who were eager to be a part of the industry. The book sold over a million copies. 300,000 of them sold soon after its launch. In it, Eric Worre teaches the reader about the stages of the sale. It starts by discussing how to find prospects and to present the products to them. Then, it demonstrates how to follow up, turn them into customers, and even how to build a team.

After the release of the book, the work continued. In 2014, he released a documentary about his life, “Rise of the Entrepreneur”. He affirmed that the project was created to dispel most of the myths about network marketing, an area that is viewed with suspicion in many circles. In 2015, he and his wife started a new annual event called The Most Powerful Women in The World. The goal of the event was to have a network marketing opportunity focused on women.

Today, Eric Worre is retired from being a distributor, but he’s far from retired from the world of network marketing. He is solely focused on his projects, such as Network Marketing Pro and teaching people how to follow his steps.

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