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Train your downline to follow the leader

Managers obviously have to manage one or more people. Leadership imposes the duty to train others in the way you and your company want to do business. The men and women who are willing to work produce results in network marketing.

This also makes you responsible for the behavior and results of those who have been put in your charge. You get inherit the glory and extra income – but the responsibility is yours as well.

One of your responsibilities as a network marketing leader is to follow the training systems your upline has already put in place for you. This system usually includes visual components such as posters, videos, slides, role modeling, devices, and a lot of pop psychology. Like a motivational speaker at a sales and training seminar or a charismatic television preacher, you will want to whip up enthusiasm from your audience.

As the leader of a multi-level marketing business, your training programs will generally fall into three categories:

Expertise: Instill the proper expertise or technical skills your trainees need to perform professionally. While your trainees may already possess these skills, they will still need to adjust them to conform to your specific company requirements.

Motivation: If your trainees are really sold on your product or service, they will produce better results, for both you and yourselves. Whether you call it willingness, enthusiasm, desire, hunger, it all boils do to motivation to get your network marketing downline to go that extra mile for your team.

Value: Demonstrate the value or benefits of your opportunity to your downline. Everyone looks for personal benefits — and it’s your job to make your team believe it’s in their best interest to follow your lead.

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