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Women all over the world have invested time and money in the process of keeping their skin healthy and beautiful. They are also seeing the opportunity to share their desire for healthy skin with other women. The desire of one woman to create a way to empower women by creating your own business is what led to the creation of Mary Kay. What is the history of this company and how does it function?

Mary Kay History

In 1963, a Dallas woman named Mary Kay Ash decided to create a company that would encourage women to take control of their careers. She had spent her adult life in direct sales and found that while it gave her flexibility, it lacked in opportunities for women.

When she retired from direct sales, she wanted to write a book about her experiences. That book was set aside when she wrote a marketing plan for a new type of direct sales business. This company would help women take control of their lives. It would allow them to move up the ladder, unlike most other professions of the sixties.

Mary Kay chose to highlight a beauty product that she had used for years. She found that this product was not marketed well, and she was going to change that. Along with her son and nine beauty consultants, they purchased a storefront and began selling. In the years to follow, they expanded and continue to bring her products to all corners of the globe.

Mary Kay Opportunity

Mary Kay has stuck to her motto “God first, family second, and career third” through the 50 years of her business. She understands that for women to have these things in that order, they need an opportunity that allows them to discover who they are. An opportunity to discover that they are capable of financial reward and independence.

At the heart of this company is the Independent Beauty Consultant. They are women of all ages, marital status, and financial means. These ladies are experiencing what Mary Kay has to offer. To be a consultant means they believe in themselves and in the opportunity to be successful. This unique company has given women the reigns to their own lives.

Mary Kay Ash knew what it was to be a woman in the workforce of America. She knew opportunities for moving up the corporate ladder were slim to none. Women were mostly placed in clerical positions and made a lower wage than men. Due to this, she has provided all women the opportunity to be as successful as they want to be.

Mary Kay Products

Mary Kay products find their roots in a beauty product used by its founder. She enjoyed the results she obtained and bought the formulation. This formulation is the base for all featured skincare products today.

In the beginning, there were only nine products. They consisted of the five basic skincare products as well as a lip and eye palette, eyebrow pencil, and mascara. Today, we find a full line of men’s and women’s skincare products along with color and fragrance options.

All products are put through rigorous testing for quality. Each product is tested for safety as well as results. This is why the company’s audience continues to grow today. Mary Kay’s products are not just tested for quality. Their packaging is just as important as their contents. Mary Kay wanted her products to be pleasing in the bottle and out.

Is Mary Kay a Scam or Pyramid Scheme?

Mary Kay holds to a business model called multi-level marketing. For some people, this may look like a pyramid scheme. Multi-level marketing is similar but with one distinct difference, the selling of a legitimate product.

Scams or pyramid schemes will use the sale of products to disguise themselves. Mary Kay does make you purchase a starter kit, but your money is made back through sales. The products that Mary Kay offers are legitimate and salable.

Recruiting members to your team is part of multi-level marketing. As a beauty consultant for Mary Kay, you have the opportunity to make a commission from the sales your recruits have made. These commissions are paid out by the company, not one of your recruits. Also, Mary Kay states in their company literature the ways consultants can earn bonuses and prizes based upon their sales.

The Mary Kay Compensation Plan

Everyone wants to know how to make money in this direct sales business. Mary Kay has laid out a unique system of promoting consultants and increasing pay. This system gives a title to each level, such as senior beauty consultant and Independent Sales Director in Qualification.

Each level requires consultants to maintain a certain number in sales and recruits. Compensation can start with as much as 50% off a consultant order to earning a 13% team commission. Bonuses and prizes are also handed out when milestones are achieved. Prizes include a red jacket, scarves, dream vacations, and the ultimate pink Cadillac.

Earning money through Mary Kay can be hard to start with. You will have to put some time and effort into it. Once the sales start coming, there are many ways to be compensated. For a full look into compensation requirements and prizes, click on the link provided.

The Final Thought

At first glance, Mary Kay looks as though it is a pyramid scheme started by a business- savvy lady. This is far from the truth. Mary Kay Ash made a career out of direct sales. She knew what it took to make the sale and the paycheck. Her drawback to this career in the 1960s was that she was a woman.

Mary Kay created this unique multi-level marketing company for women by a woman. With the many levels of advancement, all women have an opportunity to move up and acquire bigger compensations. Our final thought about Mary Kay is that if you are a woman who wants control of your life, more flexibility, and opportunity, then Mary Kay just might be the answer.

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