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Look for the Mary Kay dealer driving a slick BMW

Once upon a time, a successful Mary Kay representative was judged by the car they drove — usually a pink Cadillac. But those days are changing.

Company executives used the annual Mary Kay convention in Dallas, to unveil the newest corporate ride — a 2014 BMW 320i — available to top-performing Mary Kay independent sales directors.

It’s the latest set of hot wheels provided by one of the best-known network marketing companies. Mary Kay is a multi-level marketing business founded in the 1960s, specializing in cosmetics, now doing $2.5 billion in sales annually, with 1.8 million representatives worldwide.

A big perk to the best sales reps has been a car, which used to be painted a custom pink color evoking a woman selling makeup. In 2011, Mary Kay changed its highest-prestige incentive model to a black Ford Mustang.

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