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Mary Kay creates another millionaire

Barbara Sunden is a New Jersey resident who knows what it’s like to have her dreams come true through network marketing: For the fourth year in a row, she has earned over $1 million in commissions selling Mary Kay.

She hasn’t always been a millionaire. Sunden started her network marketing career in 1972 and her business consistently grew. Maybe that’s an understatement.

“I originally started selling Mary Kay years ago as a hobby to earn extra money while I was pregnant with my first child,” Sunden said. “Little did I realize at that point the full potential of having a Mary Kay business. That is, until I met Mary Kay Ash and learned so much from such a wonderful and wise woman. And ever since, the Mary Kay opportunity has forever changed and blessed my professional and personal life.”

Throughout her career, she has built teams on five continents and in 11 countries and is a beacon that network marketers should strive to reach. Her caree earnings total $14.5 million.

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