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Future growth, new products on stage at MonaVie convention

The theme at MonaVie’s International Convention at Salt Lake City was “Imagine,” and 6,000 distributors in attendance were undoubtedly imagining new heights in their network marketing businesses as they were introduced to new products and concepts.

MonaVie is a rapidly growing company in the wellness industry, which employs the multi-level marketing approach. The company reaches 17 international markets through more than 1 million independent distributors.

Dallin A. Larsen, MonaVie’s founder, chairman and CEO, opened the meeting by identifying five core strategies for future growth:

1. Expand product line with scientific research
2. Unify the training process of distributors worldwide
3. Develop a top-notch management team
4. Drive the growth of markets using new market presidents’ leadership
5. Implement verified principles of leadership

Larsen claims these new strategies will not only help distributors to expand the scope of their network marketing business, but will also improve the lifestyle of everyone involved.

In the final keynote, entrepreneur and best-selling author Chris Gardner advised convention attendees to find something they love, other than money, to drive their work and future happiness.  Gardner said he considers the key to success in any network marketing business, as in life, to strive for one’s goals and happiness by serving others.

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