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MonaVie Introduces Nutritional Support For Modern Living

MonaVie’s range of products embodies the company’s slogan ‘a more meaningful you’. Because we live such fast paced lives and are under so much pressure to perform we forget to take care of our bodies and our health suffers as a result. Long working hours mean little energy, effort or interest in cooking wholesome meals, and not enough time to do it in. MonaVie is there to support you when you need a nutritional boost: for help with weight management, to give you extra energy or to help you cope with stress a little bit better.

Health Juices To Give You The Nutrition You Need On A Daily Basis

No one can physically eat all the fruit and vegetables they need on a daily basis for optimal health. That is why MonaVie has packaged all of the essential fruits and vegetables that should be in your diet into a health juice. Drinking MonaVie gives you the quota of minerals and vitamins you need for good health, in the convenience of a pre-packed liquid that you can drink on the go.

We are all guilty of skipping meals because we are rushed for time. Sometimes we might starve ourselves, other times we might be tempted to eat junk or fast food. When you have MonaVie in the cupboard, you always have a healthy alternative, literally on hand.

MonaVie health juices offer immune, heart and joint support, the ideal nutrition base to lead an active lifestyle. The formulation also includes phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, plant sterols and plant based glucosamine.

Weight Management Tools To Support You

MonaVie’s weight loss tools are structured to help people lose as little as 5 pounds or as many as 75. The products ensure you do not leave out any essential vitamins or minerals if you are losing weight or cutting back on specific food types in your diet.

The statistics reveal that over two thirds of the US population is overweight or obese. Furthermore, the local weight loss industry is worth an impressive $58-billion, because people often lose patience or fall back into old habits when they reach challenges in their lives. MonaVie’s products are designed to give that added nutritional support when things get difficult and the energy to carry on.

Energy Products For Body And Mind

MonaVie manufactures energy boosting drinks that are tasty, low in Kilojoules and naturally sourced. These drinks keep your energy levels constant, rather than spiking the blood sugar for an initial period and then allowing it to crash. The products are formulated to enhance physical performance, increase energy levels and promote an alert state of mind. They are a healthy alternative to sugary and carbonated soft drinks.

Stress Management Products For A Modern Lifestyle

Stress is a part of every day life but it affects the body and mind, as well as the family members and friends around you. MonaVie’s products provide nutritional and immune support to deal with life’s daily stresses and give you the support you need.

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