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The seven-step plan for network marketing

Here’s a seven-step program help you focus your intentions and activities in network marketing. How you answer these questions will shape your network marketing future.

(For each product or service you promote, create a separate network marketing plan. If you intend to focus on getting business builders as well as new customers, write a marketing plan for each because researching your two audiences will require different activities and timing.)

Step 1: What is the most desired result of your network marketing?

What will your multi-level marketing achieve? In other words, when someone comes across your message, what action would you have them take? Do you choose for people to buy your product? Do you choose for people to call you? Do you choose for people to join as network marketing distributors? Do you choose for your network marketing team to become more active?

Step 2: What benefits will buyers of your product or network marketing opportunity experience which set you apart from competing offers?

What’s in it for your MLM prospect? What will a customer get by buying your product? What will a network marketing distributor gain by signing up with you? List every benefit you can come up with. To start, you can find many on your company’s network marketing promotional materials (great minds think alike). You can also find a wealth of benefits from satisfied users. Discover hidden benefits your network marketing product delivers that happy consumers will tell you about.

Step 3: Who is your audience?

Who is your network marketing going to reach? If your answer is everyone, guess again. Just because anyone could use your product doesn’t mean they are likely to. Be prepared to talk to everyone as if they were your audience, but avoid wasting money and time marketing to questionable network marketing prospects.

When you know exactly who is most likely to buy your network marketing product or service you can confidently plan a network marketing campaign you can afford and one which will yield profitable returns.

Step 4: What tactics will you use to reach your audience?

When you’re making your network marketing tactics list, it may get a little long but don’t worry. You won’t be launching all the tactics at the same time. Working from your marketing calendar, you’ll learn how to schedule your action steps. Network marketing is never static; it’s the ongoing, dynamic lifeblood of business. Keep adding tactics to your list and delete those that done work. Remember; tactics that are inappropriate for you may be perfect for someone else on your team.

Step 5: What do you choose to be known for? What is your network marketing niche?

Does your network marketing compensation plan pay out more bonuses than any other company? Is your product the only one that solves a particular problem? Does it solve a person’s problem faster, easier or cheaper than the competition?

Step 6: What is your identity?

Image can easily be confused with identity. Businesses use marketing to project a favorable public image. The highly publicized scandals of Enron, Xerox and Woldcom have changed their images forever. Consumers are hungry to do business with those who present a true identity, one that reflects values of honesty, integrity, and services. Though corporations can hide behind huge ad campaigns, network marketers are face-to-face with network marketing prospects and customers daily. People who meet are quick to pick up on false pretenses. They are more willing to do business with you in network marketing when they trust you are who your marketing messages represent you to be.

Step 7: Budget how much you will invest in marketing

What percentage of your network marketing compensation check will go back into your marketing? This amount should be expressed as a percentage of your expected network marketing income from the next year. How much should you budget for marketing? It depends on how fast you choose to grow. How many new network marketing distributors can you support, train, and follow up with each week? There’s no point in brining in more people than you can realistically work with, because many of those you abandon will drop out as soon as you start ignoring them.

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