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How To Use Network Marketing Storytelling To Grow Your Community

marketing storytelling

Network marketing has been a business model since the 1940s, and continues to thrive as a resource for companies looking to grow their brands. 

Like other business models, it has evolved over the years and has several standards and techniques you can learn. Understanding this form of marketing means learning the art of story and using it to build your community. 

Here’s what you should know about marketing storytelling and how it can make a difference for your company from a community standpoint. 

What Is Network Marketing Storytelling?

Network marketing is a form of sales built on a central product or service, and many hierarchies of teams that promote them. Using storytelling in your network marketing connects people with your brand and helps boost sales and leads. 

The best thing you can do is link up with professionals that can teach you how to market yourself through stories and engagement. By relying on the best network marketing companies, you can get your stories across more poignantly and effectively. 

Consider the following tips as you build your network marketing storytelling strategy.

Get to the Heart of the Story

Every story has a central theme that ties it all together. These are also the themes that people relate to. Health and nutrition companies use testimonials from people who have changed or even saved their lives by using these products and services. This hits readers and viewers on a personal note, and bottom lines the value of the product for them. 

When you use story in your network marketing, make sure that it is tied to a central them that people can relate to in their lives. Personal development and network marketing guru, the late Jim Rohn, spoke about finding purpose in life and giving back. He built a brand of strong principles and seeking achievement and fulfillment, which seamlessly tied into the brands that he worked with. 

Know what you’re trying to impart with each story, and remember – show, don’t tell. 

Take Your Reader or Viewer on a Journey

Your audience wants to be taken on a journey. 

Anytime you build a storytelling marketing network, make people feel involved in the journey. For instance, you could start with a blog for your energy and nutrition products, and tell stories of people who used them to become better professionals and family members. 

Your marketing storytelling campaign can transition into a health challenge that your community will want to get involved with. Show your work with your content, explaining how you got from one point to another and how they can too. 

Understand the “Why” of Your Company

Your network marketing storytelling tactics must have a constant throughline. It’s easier to create this foundation when you know the “why” behind your company or brand. 

This keeps your stories focused and makes sure that they are centered around a consistent theme and purpose. From there, you can break these themes down into subtopics that you can expound upon in a constant stream of content. Understanding your “why” helps people buy into it so that you can strengthen your community. 

Create Funnels to Your VIP Community

Use your stories to drive people toward your VIP community. Creating and using funnels gives people the opportunity to understand the benefits of VIP perks so that they can then take advantage of them. 

In your VIP community, you can more thoroughly serve your customers on an ongoing basis, rather than through one-off transactions. This is where the bulk of your die-hard support will come from and will give you the chance to build your business to new and greater heights. 

Study Your Target Audience

To hit the mark with your stories, you must know exactly who you are aiming at. Take every opportunity to study your target audience, their demographics, and everything that you can about them. 

This lets you understand who gains the most from your stories and products, and how they are served. Conduct surveys and use analytics to learn as much as you can about your target audience. You can use this information to create customer personas that are thorough and in-depth. 

Knowing your audience will make you a more effective storyteller and will help you know your community better. 

Create a Content Calendar and Post Regularly

Dedicate yourself to regularly posting content on your site, social media, and community pages. Once you get people to buy in, you need to keep marketing to them through story so that they remain engaged and informed. 

Create a calendar that you can stick to so that you’re regularly posting and staying consistent. Publish plenty of pillar content that is highly optimized and that provides value to the community and the public as a whole. 

Set Goals and Accomplish Them

Finally, make sure that you’re regularly setting and accomplishing goals. This way, you’re not treating your storytelling as a journal or private social media page, but are instead seeing a payoff for your efforts. 

Use strong calls to action on written and video content to help you push and accomplish these goals. 

Marketing Storytelling to Grow Your Community

The tips above explain marketing storytelling and how it can be helpful to your community and your brand. Understanding how this marketing plays a role in community building will help your company grow. 

Let the Network Marketing Team assist you when you’re interested in personal development, training, and more. Reach out to us on our contact form for more information. 

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