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7 Network Marketing Tips For Beginners

network marketing tips

For those looking to break into the big bucks of business using their confidence, creativity, and enthusiasm, network marketing can prove an appealing option. That said, if you go about your network marketing without knowing what you’re doing, you risk wiping out or looking too much like pyramid schemes (which are on the rise as of late) for customers to want to take the chance on you. So what can you do to dodge this problem? Well, we’re glad you asked. We’d like to present our guide to the top 7 network marketing tips for beginners to help get you started on the right foot!

So without further ado, let’s dive in.

1. Train Your Mind

One of the first things you need to do before getting into the world of network marketing is to do as much research as you can on presentational speaking, trends in the market, etc. Any skill that can help you either sell a product or find something that the market doesn’t have an answer for will help prepare you for the arduous hours of pitching products and gathering clients that lay in front of you.

And even if you hit the big time, don’t stop researching! All the top professionals in the business continue to refine and evolve their strategies to meet the changing times. If you lack the research to follow suit, you’ll get left in the dust with nothing to show for it.

In addition, set a moment aside to define why you want to enter network marketing. Do you want to make more money to upgrade your lifestyle, or are you looking to help a family member or friend out with the cash?

Whatever your reason, write it down and make sure to look back on it regularly. This way, on days when the job gets tough, you have a reminder to stick with it and not jump ship too early.

2. Social Media is Key

Studies show that 7 out of 10 Americans use social media of some kind, which means those network marketers who ignore social media are closing themselves off from a vast portion of their audience. Research which social media platforms your target audience prefers (Facebook for older people, Snapchat for younger people, etc.) and start building your brand there.

Make sure you take the time to create quality posts and engage your audience, however. A lazy or empty social media profile will harm your brand, making you look either unprofessional or sketchy. And when it comes to network marketing, you are your brand.

3. Know Your Market

Another helpful tip for new network marketers is to figure out who your exact target audience is for your good or service. Selling to anyone you see is too wide an angle for most businesses, and you don’t have the time or resources to chase down every section of the market. 

Instead, work out which demographic you’re aiming to sell your product to and work your pitches, promotional material, and social media presence around that audience. Achieving a feeling of trustworthiness and authenticity with this audience is key to pulling in major sales. You should also prepare yourself for how you plan to reach these audiences (for example, traveling to seminars, online presentations, and so on). 

4. Know When to Walk Away

While aggressive strategies can work, it’s also important to know when to walk away in network marketing. If a client gives you a definitive “No”, continuing to push the issue or acting rudely will dissuade them from considering you in the future and lead to bad word-of-mouth for your brand.

Instead, try to view every day as a stepping stone to your goal rather than waiting for that one big turning point. This will help you face rejection easier and stay in the game longer, heightening your chances of success. 

5. There’s a Difference Between Selling and Lying

Whatever you do, make sure that you never lie about something your product will do or the success rate of your venture. Getting caught peddling lies is the quickest way to tank your network marketing career. You can even open yourself up to legal trouble and lawsuits depending on the severity of these lies.

6. Keep Things Professional

A strong sense of enthusiasm and being yourself are key traits to being a successful network marketer. That said, you need to find the balance between this authenticity and being professional.

For example, focus your pitches around positivity. Rather than highlight all the things your competitors don’t have and how they suck, focus instead on what great qualities your product has and how it will help improve people’s lives. This sort of passion can prove infectious when done right.

This also means you shouldn’t let the social nature of the job slip you up. While parties and conferences are great ways to pull in clients, doing something stupid like flirting with clients or getting wasted makes you look immature and takes the focus away from your skills. 

On a similar note, wait to try and get your friends and family in on the action until you’re confident in your marketing skills. Otherwise, you risk squandering a great opportunity because you thought personal connection alone would net you a free sale.

7. Build and Care for Your Team

Finally, building a team to aid with your network marketing is one of the best ways to propel your marketing business far past the limitations of what you can do alone. Once you build that team, remember to show your appreciation and let them feel like their skills are valued by you. This can be anywhere from expensive retreats to leaving them little notes praising their work.

This motivation encourages them to work harder, thus bringing in more profits for you. 

Shoot for the Stars With These Network Marketing Tips

So, now that you have our top 7 network marketing tips for beginners, what steps can you take next? Well, if you want to learn how to be the best network marketer possible, come check out our training program today and let us know how we can help you grow!

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