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10 Deadly Sins of Network Marketing

10 Deadly Sins of Network Marketing

Running your own business is tough, but very rewarding when you do it right. Network marketing gives you ample opportunity to succeed with very little risk, to begin with. However, as with any business, whether you have been working on it for a while or are just starting, there are lessons to be learned. So, let’s discuss the sins of network marketing.

Perhaps you’ve been guilty of some of these sins already and aren’t aware where you’re going wrong, or maybe you want to learn what mistakes to avoid. Either way, years in network marketing experience has shown that these are the ten deadly sins that you need to watch out for. Make sure that none of these creep into your network!

1. Negativity

No one likes a Debbie Downer. Think of the people that you are drawn to in life – they are usually smiling and upbeat. They talk positively. Now, think about someone who is always glum. Which person would you prefer to see? Which one would you buy from or listen to?

Success doesn’t come overnight and there’s no such thing as getting rich quick. However, you can change how you think about things. Re-frame them and look for the lesson. Look for the opportunity and others will too.

2. Exaggerating the Network Marketing Product/Opportunity

Be honest; it works far better in the long run. If you lie, you’ll get found out. This will discredit everything else you’ve said too, and people won’t trust you anymore. If people don’t trust you, then they won’t want to do business with you.

Making bold claims about a product that is untrue or you can’t back up hurts the brand and you. If you’ve found a great product, tell people why, but don’t exaggerate it. They’ll stick around longer and know what needs to be done.

3. Acting Like the Big Boss

You’re not the boss. No matter how far you rise in the ranks, it doesn’t make you the boss of anyone you have introduced farther down. People come to network marketing for freedom. If you brought them in, then you can guide them in the right direction, influence positive marketing decisions and help them grow effectively.

They are running their show, and you are running yours. Be supportive.

4. Not Sticking with Your Chosen Network Marketing Company

Some people get enticed by the next big thing. It seems better than what you’re doing but think about how much time and effort you’ve put into the brand you’re with now and the brand that you’ve created for yourself with this company. People won’t know what you’re selling in a given month and it dilutes the power of the products too.

Sometimes a move is necessary, but mostly, it’s worth sticking to what you have and building upon that. You will become known for one brand, and that can be powerful.

5. Poaching Distributors

This isn’t cool. If you know someone who is working hard with another network marketing company, leave them to it. This goes back to rule no. 1. If you talk negatively about another company, it only reflects badly on you. To get them to jump ship, you will probably talk negatively about the company they are with. Poaching other distributors is underhand, and it never really works out well. Stop yourself before you do it.

6. Letting Your Personal Problems Out

Unless it’s a success story about how you have turned your life around, no one in your network needs to know about it. People struggle with addiction, health issues, family matters every single day. But, this is your business, and the two should be kept separate. If you’re at a meeting with other distributors or people in your upline or downline, then remember that supportive as it is, it still works. It doesn’t reflect well on you or your business.

7. Mixing Business with Pleasure

This is a huge trap that so many people fall into. Yes, network marketing can be a social thing. You attend company events and meet fantastic new people who are making their dreams come true. Everything feels wonderful.

Don’t get drunk at these events – you’ll lose respect. Don’t fall into bed with someone that you got on well with, just because you’re at the same hotel and it’s easy. This should certainly be underlined for those who are married or whatever state your relationship is in. People won’t remember you for your amazing tips for recruitment; they’ll remember the sordid gossip.

8. Bad Money Management

Yes, plenty of us is horrible at money management. The thing is though, if you always spend every penny you earn, or even more than that, then it doesn’t matter what you earn. It’s your attitude toward money that is the problem, so you need to change it.

If you’re struggling with money, then it can put you in compromising situations and make you desperate. Learn to budget. If you join the GoPro Academy, then you’ll have access to a ton of resources that will help you plan your business and give you tips on managing your money.

9. Being Disorganized and Inconsistent

Being brilliant one day and then doing nothing the next day doesn’t lead to great things. It’s also not good business practice. You need a routine to make things happen. Invest in your company every day, whether that’s by supporting those in your downline or concentrating on your recruitment. If you’re organized, then everything happens a lot faster.

Putting in consistent effort gets rewards. Being all over the place does not. It may take a little time to set your routine but do it and stick to it. Productivity feels good!

10. Don’t Let Your Ego Out to Play

There is a fine line between self-confidence and arrogance. Learn where it is. Sure, you might be killing it and it’s tempting to share that but be careful not to overshadow anyone else in your organization or keep playing on old successes. Shed the spotlight on others from time to time and everyone will feel a whole lot better about shared successes.

Have You Committed a Deadly Sin?

Maybe you’ve recognized yourself in one of the above. Take responsibility, take the lesson and move on. You can repair the damage and move forward, but you need to be patient. Learning and being positive in network marketing will allow you to grow.

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