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Nerium Empowers Partners To Trade On The Science Behind Beauty

Nerium provides independent partners with the opportunity to market and promote awareness of a proven brand of products and to ride on the success of tried and tested marketing systems. The anti-aging beauty industry is currently worth an approximate $80 billion and is pegged to increase to around $120 billion in the next three years. it is also the highest selling subcategory in the beauty industry- and that’s probably because aging is inevitable and everyone goes through it. Nerium offers its brand partners the opportunity to leverage this market need working with one of the best beauty products on the market.

The Nerium business infrastructure provides the necessary leadership and management platform for professional and personal development. It also makes it possible for partners to contribute to a greater earning potential, based on their performances. Nerium offers its partners a flexible work environment as well as the necessary tools to develop a business network in an organic manner. Working with Nerium products, partners can sell the science behind beauty with a quality stamp.

What Is Nerium Oleander And Why Is The Product So Valuable?

Renowned for its unique anti-aging properties nerium oleander is a skin elixir that addresses common skin conditions such as discoloration and aging. Its blend of anti-oxidants preserves the skin’s natural youthfulness and elasticity, even out discoloration, improving the skin texture and ironing out wrinkles.

In clinical trials conducted to monitor the effects of Nerium on pigmentation and wrinkling, the research revealed an average reduction of 30% in the development of fine lines and wrinkles, and discoloration due to aging and sun damage. As world consumers become more conscious of what goes into the products they use, the gap in the market becomes wider for high quality products made from ethically sourced ingredients, to fulfill the needs of consumers and the environment around them.

Nerium oleander has been referenced in different texts, going back as far as 1500 years ago. It was however, only through accidental discovery that scientists found out about its anti-aging properties when applied directly to the skin.

How Does Nerium Engender Mutually Beneficial Relationships?

Nerium empowers its independent partners with full control over the entire manufacturing process. Because Nerium handles the entire cultivation process, from seed germination through to its technologically advanced extraction process, partners selling the product can be fully confident in its quality and efficacy. Because Nerium has full management of the cultivation process from start to finish, partners are assured of compliance with EPA requirements, adherence to natural growing processes, and ethical production of this ancient plant.

Nerium also believes that life is a two-way street and offers its partners the opportunity to live the good life and reap the benefits of the product they sell and promote. Because the product is quality assured partners take no risk when they become part of this marketing network. While partners are making a significant difference to other people’s lives, they also have the chance to uplift their own in the process.

Nerium operates in such a way that new partners have the opportunity to earn from proven marketing systems using a tried and tested product that has already attracted a lot of consumer attention. Partners have a support network to provide the back up they need to begin. They also have the opportunity to take control of their earning potential, based on their performance, growth and development within the Nerium marketing network and as sales and marketing professionals.

Why Invest In Relationship Marketing?

Relationship marketing is easier than cold calling because it is much easier to sell a product to someone with whom you have an existing relationship. Relationship marketing success requires disciplined self branding to be effective but as you improve and your network grows your earning potential also increases. Responsible for an estimated $125 billion in global annual sales, relationship marketing is operational in over 150 countries and helping more than 75 million people add to their income.

On the business finances side, there are low start up costs involved. In terms of self and professional development, brand partners can look forward to complete independence as they operate away from the traditional management hierarchy. In an employment position there is an employee-manager relationship. If you are employed you also earn a fixed salary which, for most people is not enough to cope with the rising costs of living.

If you want to increase your earning potential and invest in a self-managed sustainable business, Nerium could be the company that helps you make the jump.

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