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Why Nerium is a good MLM to Join

Why Nerium is a good MLM to Join

Have you ever considered Nerium when thinking about networking marketing? With MLM companies, you are not exactly sure which one is the best to take your chances on. While it can be a murky road, finding a genuine MLM company can offer you a great opportunity to change your life. You get to enjoy good products and also get flexible income that fits into your schedule. If you are looking for an MLM business to work with, here is why Nerium is a great choice.

1. Nerium is a Legitimate Business

It is not uncommon to find pyramid schemes that pose as MLM companies. You could also be asking – Is Nerium a scam? No, Nerium is a legitimate business selling real wellness and skincare products. They have impressive credentials.

Nerium topped the 2015 Inc. 500 List of fastest-growing private US companies under consumer products segment and christened by the Direct Selling Association to the 2017 DSA Top 20. Nerium has been featured in Shape, Essence, Cosmopolitan, Allure, Beauty Inc, and Bazaar.

Nerium facilitates you to work with real people and develop real relationships. You also get a real opportunity to change your life.

2. Impressive Growth

Nerium was established in 2011. By 2015, it had been featured in a number of health and wellness magazines and topped private US companies in consumer products. Unlike most MLM companies, its products continue to drive demand. The products attract attention of millions of customers, celebrities, and editors. With this growth record, it is easy to represent those products in the market.

When it comes to BBB rating, the company is rated A+. For a company that is not selling ‘cheap’ products, the sales revenue figures have been extremely impressive. In addition, the products are now tapping into a global market.

3. Great Selling Incentives

Rarely will you find a network that gives you free samples to use for selling. When you become a brand partner with Nerium, you get a free bottle of night cream for each Preferred Customer or Brand Partner you sign on.

These free bottles can be used as samples to potential buyers or team members. Alternatively, you could sell them at 100 percent profit and use the money to cover selling expenses. If you are street smart, you could also have gotten yourself the perfect promotional materials for your business. You could use them as raffle prizes at events or gift them to the best customers. Some partners earn as much as 16 free bottles of Nerium. This is so much value whether you decide to use them as gifts, sale, or offers.

In addition, the start-up cost is fairly inexpensive. Not to mention, for a product of that quality and demand, the starter pack prices are also friendly. You only pay around $50 for training and marketing. Then you can begin with 10 products inventory for $500 plus training and marketing.

4. Great Products

Nerium has a number of outstanding products for both skin care and supplements. In addition, they are in sync with most people that are looking for healthy solutions as they embrace healthier living. They are uniquely made from natural products with great antioxidant, hydration, and cell renewal properties.

Their products range from age-defying day and night creams, age defying eye serum, body firming contour creams, and EHT age-defying supplements. The initial product, NeriumAD boasts of potent antioxidant features that reduce aging and appearance of wrinkles. They also have the firming body contour cream that has commendable reviews online.

Its products have patented ingredients that make them really unique for different health and beauty needs. For instance, the contour cream has NAE-8, a unique extract milked from Nerium oleander. It moisturizes the skin while enhancing the appearance of cellulite on skin dimples. The best part is that customers can only obtain these products through partners.

5. Tons of Support

Nerium offers great support to its brand partners. The company gives access to online digital training, mentorship as well as in-person training from experienced marketers in the network. It is one of the networks that you do not need experience to join. Whether you are a student, a young entrepreneur, a stay-at-home parent, or full-timer seeking some income on the side, this network offers you the flexibility that you need.

In addition, the brand positioning of the products make them easy to sell. More, as you move up the networking ladder, you get to enjoy more incentives that make it easier to sell. Case in point, when you become a NeriumAD Preferred Customer, you earn a free bottle for every 3 customers you have. Such incentives allow partners to make more profits and sell more at a lower cost.

6. Unbeatable Compensation Plans

When scouting for a good MLM to work with, prioritize the compensation plan. After all the efforts, it is important to invest where you can move up the network duly, and get proper compensation for networking for the products. Remember, you should be in business for yourself.

Network programs require you to get people on board. The more people you can bring in, the more you can earn. For Nerium, you get more incentives such as a free product for each preferred customer. They also have a bonus for every sign up you bring on board and it is paid weekly. Once you bring three people on board, you do not have to pay out of pocket for your inventory.

For actual selling, when you move your personal inventory, you earn a direct sales commission. It can range from 10 – 25% on all customer re-orders. Besides, when you build a team, a number of incentives come with it; 10 percent coaching commission, team commissions, incentive trips, bonuses up to $50,000, and Lexus car bonuses.

When looking for a good MLM to join, consider financial freedom and flexibility to work on your own terms. Consider the credibility of the products you are going to sell. Invest with a company that will offer you enough support to make selling easier and enjoyable. They should also be good enough for you and your circle to use. If you would like more advice on a good MLM to join, reach out to us.

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