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5 Tips for Following up With Your MLM Leads

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Multilevel marketing has enabled hundreds of thousands of people to thrive professionally and grow financially. However, just like with any opportunity to earn money and be successful in a chosen career, it takes a lot of hard work and hustle. The most important piece of hard work that many beginners in MLM skip is following up with their MLM leads. 

We can help. We have outlined the best five tips on how you can generate and follow up with your MLM leads in order to convert them into a successful sale. 

1. Build and Grow Your Website

If you are first wondering how to get MLM leads in the first place, you need to hone in on practicing good lead generation tactics. After all, you cannot follow up on MLM leads if you do not have any to begin with. 

A great MLM lead generation system is by having your own website. You should focus on building and growing a great website. Fill it with valuable content potential leads would want to read about and consume. 

A website is also a great way to engage with people you wouldn’t typically engage with. It is also a great way to collect people’s emails and directly send them information about your MLM plan. 

A website is a good way to legitimize your MLM business. It establishes you are a credible source. 

In addition to building a website, you should be sure to increase your social media presence. People are more inclined to want to work with someone they trust and follow.

2. Follow Up With Everyone You Speak With

Whether you meet someone in a book store or engage with them in your direct messages on social media, you must follow this tip. Follow up with every single person you speak with.

You never know who is going to be interested in working with you unless you follow up. 

Studies have shown that it takes multiple rounds of exposure or communications with a person for them to want to buy from you. Rarely will people sign up or buy the first time they speak with you.

Try to get every person’s name, contact information, and a personal detail about them when you speak with them. Write this info down so you do not forget. People are many times flattered that you remembered and thought to reach back out.  

3. Act Fast

Time is a critical component when following up with your MLM leads. An individual’s potential interest can fade quickly if you do not consistently follow up within a short range of time. 

A good rule of thumb is to set a follow-up date within a few days of the initial contact. After that, schedule a meeting at least once a week, if not twice a week. 

Limit the amount of time that goes in between each touch base for more success in converting MLM leads into sales. 

4. Set Specific Times and Dates

Acting fast in your follow-up with every person you speak with is important. But there is another thing that can make or break a possible lead. 

When you follow up with a person, you must set a specific time and date of when you plan to meet with them again or speak with them.

Setting specific times and dates helps to hold people accountable for their actions. They are much more likely to skip out or lose interest if there is no hard deadline for when they will see you again.

In addition to helping keep people’s interest and holding them accountable, setting specific times and dates has one more added benefit. It helps to keep you accountable and organized as well.

It is not talked about enough how difficult MLM can feel in the beginning for new business owners. You are faced with rejection often and you speak with a large number of people often.

Setting times and dates help keep you motivated, organized, and accountable to keeping those meetings and eager to make sales.

5. Make It Worth Their While

Ultimately, the one thing that can either lose a lead or turn a lead into a successful sale is value. You must offer them value in the product you want them to buy or the service you want them to perform. Otherwise, they will walk. 

Every time that you follow up with an MLM lead, you need to be constantly speaking about the value they would gain by going into business with you.

A key way of showing potential value is by being successful yourself. If you are selling a product, like shampoo, for example, make sure your hair is always healthy and shiny. 

If you are a business owner who manages other people, then you need to show confidence in all your interactions. People want to mimic other successful people. 

Making your MLM worth a prospect’s while is one of the best follow-up methods when trying to convert them into a sale. 

Want More Tips and Tricks for Generating and Following Up with MLM Leads?

Sometimes, the only difference between succeeding and failing is by not following proven methods of success. Following up with your MLM leads is one of the most surefire ways to ensure your success and drive sales. 

If you are interested in learning about more MLM lead generation tactics, follow-up tricks, and tips for MLM success, follow us here at Network Marketing Team. 

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