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Top Ten Types of Leadership Styles

leadership styles

From those who were called “bossy kids,” to the meekest of the meek, we believe that everyone can be a leader. 

To find success in the world of network marketing, leadership is key. After all, you will be working person-to-person regularly, and your success is in your own hands. Some of the most successful marketers that I have met have also been some of the best leaders. 

Do you feel like a leader? You shouldn’t let stereotypes dictate what it means to take control of your business. There are many different leadership styles that can help individuals with all sorts of personalities find success in the network marketing world. 

The first step toward harnessing your power is to determine what sort of leader you are. We’ve described the ten most common types of leadership styles below. Read on to learn where you fit so that you can continue to hone your skills in pursuit of professional success. 

1. Democratic Leadership Style

The democratic leader is an individual who doesn’t make decisions on their own. They’re eager to hear what others think and take their thoughts and opinions into consideration before they act. They lead through engagement, by making their team feel that their voices are heard and their opinions are respected. 

Democratic leaders tend to be innovative and creative. They are rational individuals who excel at mediation. A democratic leader is a strong and thoughtful listener who helps their team feel valued. 

2. Coaching Leadership Style

Coaches are tuned into the skills of the individuals on their team. They can notice and utilize the strengths and weaknesses of everyone they interact with. They have an excellent knack for helping their team to develop and meet goals, which helps build morale.

Coaches are supportive, self-aware guides, open to growth. They find it easy to support their team rather than push. A coach is a teacher and can help their team members learn to teach themselves. 

3. Autocratic Leadership Style

Autocrats are efficient leaders, focused on results from beginning to end. They are lone wolf decision-makers but sometimes rely on a trusted group of other leaders to make their decisions. They are focused on getting what they want through focused, productive work. 

Autocrats are self-confident, self-motivated, and self-assured. They are stringent rule-followers who communicate expectations clearly and succinctly. The autocrat is ever dependable and capable of running a tight ship.  

4. Visionary Leadership Style

Visionary leaders are inspiring leaders. They are creative and innovative thinkers who are open to and eager for change. They can see success from a distance and can help inspire a team through long-term thinking and positivity. 

Visionaries are bold and innovative thinkers who are not afraid to put a new idea out into the world. They are optimistic and inspire team members with their ideals. They are strategic risk-takers who look to the future by acting with confidence in the present. 

5. Transactional Leadership Style

Transactional leaders are mentors. They set goals and incentivize their team to meet them by rewarding success. They focus on performance above all and are excellent in a sales environment as a result. 

The transactional leader is a pragmatic and practical leader who will not rest until they hit their goals. They will do what it takes to maintain structure, and utilize that structure to motivate their team. 

6. Transformational Leadership Style

The transformational leader is laser-focused on the success of the team as a whole. They are keenly aware of how the team operates as a unit, including where strengths and weaknesses lie. They are proponents of delegation.

The transformational leader is encouraging and inspiring, always seeking to challenge the whole team in new and interesting ways. Their creativity is focused on achieving big-picture goals using every resource available. 

7. Servant Leadership Style

Servant leaders are constantly making sure that their team feels valued and fulfilled. They believe that the best way to produce strong work is to ensure that everyone is satisfied. They are holistic leaders who love to build morale and then watch the benefits roll in.

Servants are caring communicators who love to see collaboration in action. They are committed to steady growth based on the happiness and comfort of their team. 

8. Hands-Off Leadership Style

Hands-off leaders are delegators, putting the right tasks in the right hands and trusting that everything will be done satisfactorily. They use their energy on their own projects, leading with trust.

Hands-off leaders believe in offering freedom to their team, and will provide the necessary tools but trust that everything will fall into place. They foster leadership in the team as a whole. 

9. Pacesetter Leadership Style

Pacesetters are focused on speed and performance above all else. They lead using accountability by setting a high bar and not settling for anything less. In a fast-paced environment, a pacesetter can keep everyone on the team moving in the right direction.

Pacesetters do whatever it takes to meet their goals. They may not offer much praise, but they will set a high bar – and they’re always sure to meet it. 

10. Bureaucratic Leadership Style

Bureaucrats are all about the rules, with a focus on strict, fixed duties and structures. Everyone on the bureaucrat’s team will know what their role is at all times. They don’t believe there is much need for creativity when everyone is playing their role. 

Bureaucrats are hard workers with excellent self-discipline. They focus on tasks and details. You will never question a bureaucrat’s dedication to the organization! 

Network Marketing For All Leadership Styles

You might not be quiet and meek. You might be a visionary or servant leader waiting to emerge! This list of leadership styles proves that individuals from all walks of life are capable of leading a team to success in the network marketing world. 

Are you ready to put your leadership skills to work? You can grow your skills by working with the Network Marketing team. They work hard to connect business owners with the resources that they need to find success. 

Take the initiative today and ask the community a question. You will find yourself connected to a large and growing network of other leaders. We hope to see you there! 

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