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Have you got a card? You should

Exchanging business cards is the most common form of introduction with someone you’ve just met. They cost little to print, yet provide a convenient way for people to remember each other.

Business cards — especially in network marketing — serve to remind people how to reach you. So include multiple means of contact, including: name, company, address, phone number, e-mail address, website, instant messenger, Twitter handle, and fax number.

The blank space on the back of business cards provides added opportunities:

  • Grab attention with a unique network marketing selling proposition, like “Helping eliminate joint pain forever.”
  • Print an endorsement from a satisfied customer.
  • Use the reverse side of your business card as a coupon. For example, print “Present this card for a  free  dinner next Thursday evening at ________” as an offer for a free meal in return for listening to a presentation of your network marketing opportunity.
  • When talking to a prospect who has handed you his card, use the back to take notes about the person—likes, dislikes, family information.
  • If you have network marketing distributors in other countries, print your information in other languages on the back of your card.

Multi-level marketing companies often list designated printer-partners in network marketing brochures and on websites, from whom you can select a template business card. Using a personal computer and printer, you can also create your own network marketing business card using alternative size, material, color, fonts, images, and text. You can probably get a high-resolution image of the network marketing company logo to include on your cards. When printing from home, only use the best card stock with clean, crisp edges to give a professional look.

Here’s some points to consider to make your network marketing business cards memorable:

  • A clean looking, professionally printed and attractive card projects a great first impression
  • Choose a type font and size that is easy to readL
  • Use two colors of ink or more.
  • Include a catchy phrase such as, “I’m making money while relaxing on cruises, are you?”
  • Proofread your copy for errors before printing.
  • Include your photo on your cards.
  • Always have cards with you whenever you leave the house.
  • Keep a good simply of cards, order ahead so you don’t run out.
  • Make a business card magnet: it will last longer than paper and can easily be placed on metal objects, filing cabinets, and refrigerators at home.
  • Consider a 4-page or 8-page mini-brochure that folds into the size of a business card.

Cards are an inexpensive way to market. Give them out:

  • Whenever you tip a taxi driver or waitress
  • When paying bills
  • To the bank clerk when making deposits
  • When asking for referrals
  • In line, while you’re waiting, anywhere.

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