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Top Network Marketing Tools You Don’t Want To Miss

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There are some specific direct selling tools that can make a massive difference to downline, whether you’re building a business online or offline. These tools range from hi-tech to popular, offline to online.

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Promotional Products

Wherever you go, there are opportunities to leave a network marketing message behind to work for you. How and where to use promotional tools to catch the attention of prospects and motivate them to get back with you is essential. Successful and experienced network marketers always have promotional tools with them wherever they go, because they know having something to hand someone on a moment’s notice is invaluable.

Promotional tools help you leverage your availability; you can hand someone a CD or brochure instead of repeating the same network marketing pitch time and again. Professionally prepared materials add credibility to your offer; a multimedia DVD with interviews from satisfied customers and certified practitioners can instill confidence.

Brochures & Print Material

Brochures can provide essential information about your network marketing company, product, or opportunity. When presented in an easy-to-read format, network marketing brochures save you time by answering common questions and concerns. They’re a great way to break the ice with someone you’ve just met. They can also act as a small step in warming a prospect up on the way to getting him to take the next step (like a meeting).

Mail catalogs to previous customers. Leave catalogs at laundry mats and in waiting rooms in hospitals and practitioner’s offices. Have your contact information and distributor number generously placed throughout each catalog. That way, when a shopper places an order from a catalog, she can give your ID to the company.

Almost all companies in multi-level marketing provide or sell a wide variety of marketing materials for distributor use, sparing you the time and hassles of creating your own. You can roll your own, making sure they meet with your network marketing company’s approval.

Business Cards

Yes, they are still a thing. They can also make your life a lot easier.

Exchanging business cards is the most common form of introduction with someone you’ve just met. They cost little to print, yet provide a convenient way for people to remember each other. Give them out everywhere. They’re inexpensive, they establish authority and illustrate purpose.

Email Marketing

While fancy email and newsletter systems can make your life easier. Sometimes the best campaigns come from simple and personal emails.

Wheather you’re email prospects or sharing training materials with your downline. This is something that can be scheduled, automated and can maximize your reach. The more people you can touch, the more people you can do business with.

You also may want to read our post on Network marketing tactics for e-mailing.

VOIP Phone Systems

VoIP phone systems are among the most flexible and affordable communication solutions available today. VoIP technology uses the internet (instead of traditional copper lines) to make and receive calls. It’s been in existence for over a decade, yet some business owners are still unaware of it or perceive it as suitable only for large companies.

They’re affordable and can often times integrate directly with your cell phone. Allowing you to run your business while out and about.

Social Media

Leveraging social media channels is as important as any of the other strategies discussed here for growing your network marketing company. Choosing which one to focus on can be hard. You need social media platforms where your clients are most likely to be found. Additionally, you also need to consider which channels you are active on and actually interacting on.


People don’t trust you, especially loved ones. They want to see other people confirming what you’re saying before they sign up.

Confidence is often cited as the number one reason people buy anything. Third-party endorsements foster a sense of trust. Testimonials instill buyer confidence. Add it up, and if people say that your product works, it must be so.

This may be the most useful tool you have that will cost you absolutely nothing. Use these testimonials on social media, email copy and hand outs. You wont regret it.

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