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Awaken the Giant Within: By Tony Robbins

If you are looking for the best self improvement book then look for Tony Robbins’s book “Awaken the giant within”. It is a motivating book and contains several mind-blowing advices on the topic of peak performance and getting out the most from you. This was the book that made a lot of people fan of Robins. This book is divided into four parts and each part has some special description regarding to several matters. The whole book is focusing on changing one’s life for the better. If you are in the network marketing field then you need to follow the rules of Awaken the giant within. Several parts of the book is also focusing on the network marketing. The five main aim of this book is to be master on emotions, physical being, relationships, finances and time. You will be a master in the network marketing field after reading his book. Paperback is more than 500 pages long, thus it is not the short read. But, it is very engaging that it will not feel very long & laborious to get. I enjoyed reading that, and found energized by Tony Robbins’ infectious interest, which comes through in the just like it does in the audio programs.

Book is been divided in 4 parts: 1) Unleash Your Power, 2) Taking Control – Master System, 3) Seven Days To Shape Your Life, 4) A Lesson In Destiny. First 2 parts are bulk of this book as well as teach the strategies and principles. Part 3 is the seven day plan for implementing lessons in your every day living, and final part is last chapter that is the challenge for reader to do little more as well as to take on challenges in the life and make the difference.

First 2 parts, generally focus on changing your life for better. Five main regions looked to master are: Physical being, Emotions, Finances, Relationships, as well as Time. Tony teaches strategies of change thus you will make decisions that can affect your life. Actually, chapter 2 is about decisions. Tony does a lot about pain, belief and pleasure, systems and how it influences our actions. Then he teaches how you may change through the Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques. I liked chapter eight and it focused on the questions. Asking right questions is very powerful and Tony gives his Problem Solving queries to help to work out problems, his Morning & Evening Power Questions for helping you to stay motivated, and happy. Awaken the Giant Within.

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