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Create a seven-word sound bite

A sound bite, or slogan, consists of a few words which help set your product or opportunity apart. It is your unique strategic positioning in a short, memorable phrase, like “Finger-lickin’ good” for KFC or “Just do it” for Nike. If your network marketing company doesn’t already use a sound bite, create one for your network marketing team.

Your sound bite should:

  • Describe your network marketing product or service’s benefit
  • Express why your offer is better than your competition’s
  • Tell the customer why she should buy from you and your network marketing company

Sound bites are examples of memes, a word originated by scientist Richard Dawkins, which refers to a unit of cultural information transferable from one human to another. Memes are distinct memorable units: they often spur viral marketing: and they convey a clear benefit.

To be useful, a sound bite should make your message memorable. A well-composed sound bite is brief, catchy, and to the point. Your network marketing sound bite can be a seven-word message that you can say to anyone you meet on a moment’s notice. Why seven words? A short phrase is easy for you and your network marketing prospects to remember.

Choose carefully, because your words must set you, your product, or your network marketing opportunity apart from the hundreds of competing marketing messages the average person is bombarded with daily.

Your message will have more impact when it boasts a strong benefit that entices people to say, “That’s interesting — how do you do that?” Hook their attention enough to open the door to setting an network marketing appointment or a follow up call. An example of a sound bite for skin care products could go something like, “Fresh, radiant-looking skin without dangerous chemicals.”

Network marketing companies often sell promotional shirts, jackets, calendars, notepads, balloons, and all kinds of nifty little items to help you brand yourself like: personalized refrigerator magnets. Post-It note pads, pens, caps. mugs, and other freebies. When your budget allows, find promotional items you can customize with your seven-word sound bite.


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