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Who is Seacret Direct and What Do They Do?

Who is Seacret Direct and What Do They Do?
The dead sea
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A miscommunication, a mission, and supportive community have built a multi million-dollar business built on the hard work of many. Seacret Direct has humble beginnings and a continued sense of empowering people to become the leader of their own destiny. This way of thinking has led Seacret Direct to be on the tongues of people in the U.S and around the world.

Who is Seacret Direct?

Seacret Direct is a direct sales company that has an interesting story behind it’s humble beginnings. The founder, Mordecai “Moty” Ben Shabat, came to the United States from Israel. His sole purpose was to save money for medical school and return to Israel. Life was about to change for Moty when his brother, Izhak Ben Shabat, came to visit him. Moty thought his brother was coming to stay in the U.S. and jump in the ice cream truck business with him. He may have been wrong at the time, but it all worked out in the end.

Moty had been taken by the entrepreneurial spirit of America and began running an ice cream truck business. He believed his brother had made the trip to join the business. He called his parents and told them. Once the cloud of confusion had dissipated, the Shabat brothers' parents sold everything they had and were on their way to America.

All this happened in 2000 and today Seacret Direct has become a booming business centered on skincare. Being from Israel, the brothers knew about the amazing qualities of the Dead Sea. They also found out that there were no products in the U.S that contained these qualities. With this realization, they began to source products from Israel to sell. There first “store” was a kiosk. Eventually, the brothers began to formulate their own products with the help of doctor Howard Cohen.

The Shabat brothers, along with their family, had a dream to sell something that would show immediate results. They knew the Dead Sea could offer a realization of that dream. From the kiosk to home-based parties, Seacret Direct is continuing to see the dream come true.

What Does Seacret Direct Do?

Since Seacret Direct has become a business with a direct sales approach, there is a question that must be asked. What do they do? Consumers and potential new business owners want to know. To clear that up, take a look at the following list.

  1. Seacret Direct sells primarily skincare products infused with minerals and mineral compounds extracted from the Dead Sea. All the products available are sourced from Israel, where the Dead Sea is located. Along with skincare products, Seacret Direct has developed a line of products which include supplements and beauty tools. The founders of Seacret Direct believe they have the product that stands out from all others. According to the founders of Seacret, they wanted to create something that results were seen immediately.
  2. The utilization of a direct sales business model is the heart of Seacret. They are not spending dollars on advertising as they are exclusively a word of mouth business. This word of mouth comes from happy customers and Seacret business owners. This is how it works:
  • Become a customer by shopping online or through an agent – An agent is the title of consumers who have taken the step into creating a business with sales resulting from home-based parties.
  • Becoming an agent or cabinet member- Agents are often found at a family or friends “party.” They are the ones who believe in the products and have chosen to take the step and create their own business with Seacret. Cabinet members are those who are veterans in the business and well-versed in the needs of consumers and agents alike. Often cabinet members meet with executives and help make important decisions.

3. Provide a way for consumers to become successful business owners – Seacret has derived a way for even the customers to make a little extra money. Even customers can host what is called a WOW party. These parties can allow one to earn reward points which turn into cash for their personal products. An example of this program is a host can earn $10.00 for every attendee spending $49.00 or more.

If becoming an agent is what you are looking for, the earning potential increases. The Seacret compensation plan has built in numerous ways to earn money. These ways include a preferred customer program, team commissions, performance bonuses, and a leadership program that pays just for helping others build their business.

4. Training agents is a top priority – Once a customer makes the move to agent status, they are provided with a back office and the chance for weekly payments. Seacret has developed a digital presence that equips agents to succeed. Included in the back-office is a calendar that informs agents of events that could boost their sales, whether they be training or opportunities to sell. Agents receive their own website and the use of social media is encouraged.

The Final Thought

Seacret Direct has developed a multimillion-dollar business from the kiosk to the consumer’s hands. Two brothers with a vision have created an entity that thrives upon direct sales. They have given consumers a way to grab on to their dreams of entrepreneurship and succeed. There are high hopes for Seacret Direct because their products are good, and business has seen nothing but growth. The specific niche of skincare keeps their company and its consumers focused and who doesn’t want to have great looking skin? If entrepreneurship is in your future, check out this article. There you will find great information to help make the right decision.

The goal of Seacret Direct is to create a way for people to create their own wealth. The potential is there to achieve just that. They leave this in the hands of the business owners. It is up to them how much they want to work and how much they want to earn. Everyone has potential and at Seacret Direct, that potential can be nourished and achieved.

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