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Tactics for results at fairs, expos, and public shows

Fairs, expos, conventions, and trade shows attract hordes of visitors — and network marketing prospects — over an intense couple of days. Attendees are scouring display booths for new products, services and, with any luck, your network marketing opportunity. Public events provide a venue for you to demonstrate your company and gather feedback, prospective leads, and immediate cash sales.

Successful multi-level marketers who employ public shows as marketing tools have learned this is an underused method to reach their target niche. They choose topic-centered events that draw network marketing prospects interested in that subject — people who are looking for products like theirs.

Putting yourself in the path of an ideal MLM audience eases rapport building, lowers sales resistance, and positions you as a resource. Because people come to these events to buy.

Here are helpful ways to make the most of public events and identify which types of events to choose for displaying your network marketing product, service and opportunity.

Before the event

Does the event have a theme? If so, does your network marketing product relate to it in a way you can build your display around?

Who attends the show? Will it be the general public or Industry members? Why will people attend?

What size crowd is expected? Is this a first-time show (not usually recommended to display in) versus a known and well-publicized event?

Where is the show located? What are the dates and times? Will the event compete with other happenings, either locally or nationally?

How many other exhibitors will there be? Will other network marketers in your network marketing company, but not in your line, have a display?

How much will the show cost? What expenses will you incur for booth rental, displays, travel, lodging, promotional materials, extra fees for union labor, promotion, and post-show follow-up?

Promote your show in advance by announcing events on your network marketing website and letting everyone in your group know about it. List your booth location and include a map to the event’s location.

In the days leading up to an event, have your team set appointments to meet their prospects at the booth. The large crowds will help convey the image that you represent a popular network marketing opportunity.

During the event

Get visitors to interact with you. You’ll build rapport and get people’s permission to contact them later on after the event.

Tips for inviting interaction include offering:

  • Discount pricing for the time of the event
  • A free gift with purchase
  • A contest with a free prize
  • Free shipping on orders taken at the event

One of your primary interaction strategies should be to get a network marketing prospect’s contact information — especially an e-mail address — because this is the cheapest means for getting back in touch. Offer to e-mail a special report or tip sheet so they will feel OK about sharing their address. Assure them that you won’t share their contact information with others.

Have a team of network marketers to help with an event. Everyone involved gets a chance to interact with show attendees. Your network marketing team members can go around to the other booths and notice which displays attract the biggest crowds.

Start conversations with other exhibitors. You already know they are entrepreneurial-minded just because they are there, which also makes them multi-level marketing prospects.

Keep your show display well-stocked

Whenever you do an exhibition or show, have a full display of network marketing items for sale. Studies show you’ll sell more from a full display than a sparse one.

Have a supply of products, samples, business cards, flyers, brochures, catalogs, article reprints, DVDs and other network marketing materials neatly displayed on your table.

Offer free samples of your newsletter with consumer tips around the topic of the trade show.

Provide free coffee or drinks at a trade show and people will hang around your booth, which will attract others who figure something interesting is going on.

After the event

Keep track of how many new network marketing customers and network marketers you signed up. Use the results of the event to motivate others in your organization.

Attendees will forget most of the booths they visited, so be sure to follow up with your network marketing leads and remind them you met them at the event.

  • Emily
    March 30, 2014 at 6:16 am

    Thanks! I’ve been looking for a step-by-step planning guide like this. It’s very well organized, Thanks!

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