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Lights, camera — action! (How to make an edification video)

It’s called an “edification video,” and it’s an important recruiting tool in network marketing circles. Often uploaded or linked to your website, such a video can be the all-important first impression that customers and prospects will have of you and your company.

Some edification videos are really good. And some are — well …

Here are some basics to make your video a success in pursuit of multi-level marketing success:

Opening. Say “Hi” or “Hello,”  introduce youself, say where you live and what company you’re talking about.

Make the company look good. Say something about the quality of product/service and how great the leadership of the organization. Make sure you stress the ground-floor opportunity of your network marketing business.

Offer a solution. Everyone has problems, talk about helping their family, make more money, paying bills … and above all, sell a dream!

Call to action. Finish by giving a phone number, email and/or website so people know how to connect with you and ass on their vital information.


  • Coralee
    August 7, 2011 at 5:38 am

    Grade A stuff. I’m unequsitonably in your debt.

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