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How To Succeed in Network Marketing When Working Remotely

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In January 2022 over 430,000 new business applications were filed. Network marketing is a way that anyone can enter the world of business, but they need to go about it the right way. At Network Marketing Team we want to help people as much as they can in creating a successful business for themselves through network marketing.

For some of the best tips on how to do this, keep reading.

Have a Positive Mental Attitude

While this might not seem that crucial, it’s one of the best network marketing tips we can give you. To be successful in the network marketing business you need to approach things in the right way. Creating a list of goals is a great way to help start you off with this.

These can relate to various things such as financial targets, distributor numbers, etc. You then need to focus on reaching these goals. They should be measurable and achievable – if they’re time-based it will help keep you on track.

Any time you’re interacting with clients you should be honest and ethical. If you’re excited about what you’re offering and genuinely believe in it this will be clearly conveyed, stimulating interest in whoever you’re engaging with. When you know what you want, and you truly want it, you will be far more driven to achieve.

Destroy the Job Mindset

Many people are used to the 9 to 5 schedule, but the network marketing industry is completely different. You may actually find yourself working when most people are already home.

Unlike traditional jobs where you’re paid for your time, network marketing pays for what you produce. This means you have the option to grow at a steady pace, or you can put in extra work to grow much faster.

One of the main benefits of network marketing is that you don’t have to grind away for several years to get to the point where you’re earning your desired salary. You’ll start earning immediately, and as you learn and get better you’ll be able to make more money.

Despite this, you shouldn’t rush into things. In network marketing, your pay can fluctuate, especially early on. You shouldn’t quit your job until you are earning a stable amount from your business.

Entrepreneurial Discipline

Don’t think of it as working for a network marketing company, think of it as working for yourself. You won’t have a boss or manager leaning over your shoulder, so you need to be disciplined enough to make yourself work. Setting up a schedule (and sticking to it) is generally a good idea.

While working from home there are two types of activities: non-income producing and income-producing.

Non-Income Producing Activities

These are tasks you need to do that don’t generate any money. Some typical examples include scheduling, office organization, updating social media profiles, and watching training videos.

Income-Producing Activities

These are activities that will directly lead to income, such as calling leads, meeting prospects, and getting your opportunity link out (via social media, YouTube videos, etc.)

Your income from network marketing depends entirely on the work you put in. If you stop working hard because you don’t have a boss then you’ll need to improve your self-discipline, or you won’t be able to earn and grow.

Manage Your Emotions

When starting a home business for the first time it can be surprising how different it is from the work-life you’ve previously known. There are some things that you will have to deal with that can be a bit difficult.

When taking on employees people will come and go, and sometimes there’s nothing you can do about it. Most people who join a business will eventually quit, so you can’t expect everyone to stick around. Fortunately, you only need a few strong team members to help create something incredible.

Take the time to learn about different network marketing companies and how they got to where they are. Success stories of other people in your position can be very inspiring and will help you keep pushing on.


When it comes to network marketing, you’ll never know everything. There are always new things to learn, and you should be striving to understand as much about the industry as possible.

The internet is a vast source of knowledge, and there are plenty of people out there providing resources that are perfect for someone entering the world of network marketing. If you’re not ready to start spending money on learning resources you can find plenty of videos on YouTube that will help you out.

It takes time and can be quite draining, but the more you know, the more successful you’ll be. A popular method is “Invest. Learn. Teach.”:

  • Invest – purchase network marketing training 
  • Learn – use this training to educate yourself
  • Teach – Transform what you’ve learned into your own training

Not only will this help you understand the space, but it will also encourage others to join you. Showing the knowledge you have will instill trust in others, and they’ll see you as a leader in network marketing.

Create Content

One thing that’s common among the biggest names in network marketing is that they all create a lot of content. They have huge followings on YouTube, social media, and their websites. Many put out free videos as well as offering ebooks and training courses.

Content generates leads, and more content translates to more visitors. Good content is known as “attraction marketing” as it attracts people to your offerings. This is generally more effective than just pushing your product on people in the hopes that they’ll want it.

Social network marketing and blogs are great ways to put out content, and you should include an “About Me” page. If you let people see and hear you it helps to build a trust-based relationship

Success in Network Marketing

Network Marketing Team is dedicated to providing resources and free reviews for anyone entering the world of network marketing. We want to help connect aspiring business owners with established resources that will help them succeed.

If you have any questions about what we do or how we can help you click here to contact us today.

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