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Working fairs, festivals and flea markets

Fairs and festivals draw large crowds of people seeking fun and shopping. Think art and craft shows, renaissance fairs, historical theme shows, county and state fairs, and ethnic festivals. People wander among the colorful booths in the hope of discovering unique treasures. It can be a great environment for pitching network marketing.

Can your product be incorporated into craftwork? Would these types of people be interested in your network marketing product? If so. you could create a huge backend network marketing business by marketing a unique item which you can use to then describe your network marketing product. If not, partner with a craft artist to get a small display area in that individual’s booth.

If your network marketing product is edible, set up a booth at an ethnic theme festival or a renaissance show. Create a recipe booklet or offer prepared sample dishes featuring your network marketing product.

Another and typically cheaper venue is flea markets. Tables are cheap and require little setup. Some flea markets are famous for drawing huge crowds.

So do consumer trade shows or expos. According to Tradeshow Week, consumer trade shows or expos in the U.S. draw an average of close to 40,000 attendees each. Expos showcase all kinds of new products and services of interest to consumers … including network marketing.¬†Consumer expos are theme-based and draw people who are interested in topics as diverse as woodworking, prime-time living, babies, pets, homes, boats, gifts, cars, health, body-mind-spirit, weddings, computers, electronics, gardening, horses, and many others most of which match well with most network marketing companies.

Job fair expos attract people who are looking for employment, but many attendees will also look at network marketing income opportunities.

As with consumer expos, industry trade shows provide venues for promoting new products in different industries. Many trade shows are produced by associations and industry groups. More than 13,000 industry trade shows attract 50 million plus visitors a year, according to the Trade Show Exhibitors Association.

Use signage when you display at an exhibition featuring your network marketing company. A study showed that 94 percent of people taken through a given area recalled seeing a sign and 84 percent of those remembered the network marketing product and details of the offer. Add lighting on your sign for even better results. Sign advertising has been shown to boost sales by 54 percent, and when backlighting or motion is added, sales go up more than 100 percent.

Speed your network marketing lead generation at events with a contest. People leave their business card or fill out a card with their contact information in order to enter a drawing for a prize. The prize should be one of your products, so that anyone taking the time to enter is doing so because they are attracted to the benefits of your item. After the contest is over, contact the winner and ask where the prize should be delivered. Deliver it yourself, if possible, so you can learn more about the person and leave a brochure and order form for future orders. Mail a newsletter, CD or other promotional tool to all the other entries.

Fundraising events often include raffle contests. Donate one of your top network marketing products and attach a label with ordering instructions and your contact information on the container.


  • Emily
    March 30, 2014 at 6:14 am

    Working fairs, festivals and flea markets is tailor made for me because I love attending those anyway. I imagine this can be very successful because people are already in a relaxed mood and open to seeing and trying new things.

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