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4 Ways Network Marketing Can Change Your Life

By definition,  network marketing is a business model in which a distributor network is needed to build the business. Usually, such businesses are also multilevel marketing (MLM) in nature in that payouts occur at more than one level. In simple terms, when you join a networking marketing business, you are a distributor of a good and the more distributors you have on your team, the more money you make.

If you are an entrepreneur, you have probably heard conflicting reviews about network marketing businesses. There are major benefits to joining a network marketing business and they can change be life-changing.

Flexible Schedule

This may be the most obvious benefit to some, but it is also the most logical in network marketing. You are your own boss and you make your own schedule. You can also work from the comfort of your home after hours as opposed to renting or buying office space as in traditional businesses. According to, this will keep your overhead costs down.  

The location also falls in this category. Network marketing gives you the flexibility to work with people from all over the world. Many people get stuck working in a job where you are wedged in one geographic location; that limits your ability to take advantage of the global economy we currently live in.  As long as you have a smart device and WiFi, you can work from anywhere in the world where a network marketing company is operational. 

In this magnificent profession, you always get to choose with whom you desire to work with and when you want to work with them.

Being an international business owner is a perk!

Low Start-Up Costs

You can start you a network marketing business with a small investment or no investment at all. In most scenarios, the initial start-up investment that you are required to pay will not come close to your earning potential. 

Network marketing offers the ability to be profitable at a much faster rate and you do not need to maintain employees. There are several financial advantages to owning a network marketing business over owning and managing other types of businesses.

Monthly maintenance expenses are also very minimal. When you invest and commit to a network marketing business, you are getting a business that is already built. Operating systems, marketing material and research, websites, corporate training, and patents are all taken care of. Once you begin your business, it’s ready for you to use. Traditional start-up kits typically have monthly fees for these type of resources.

Other factors that aid in keeping cost down is you are not responsible for inventory or shipping. Managing a warehouse of goods is done by someone else.

In business, you cannot totally eliminate risks, but you can gain tools and resources to minimize them. The initial financial commitment is insignificant compared to that of traditional businesses’ required investments.

Great Tax Perks

One of the not so obvious benefits to network marketing are the tax perks. Initially, these are overlooked but eventually greatly appreciated. When you join a network marketing company you are starting your very own home-based business and your tax deductions immediately increase.  If you travel, dine out with team members or clients, you can deduct those expenses. Other things that you are allowed to deduct from your income before calculating how much tax you should pay are fuel costs, car note, and your home mortgage. You can include home office supplies in those deductions as well.

Robert Kiyosaki’s cash flow quadrant outlines this benefit: “Businesses earn, spend, and pay taxes. Employees earn, pay taxes, and spend.” In other words, businesses spend what they earn before paying their taxes and traditional employees pay taxes before spending what they earn. Taxes deducted from an employee’s gross income is usually an estimated 30% of their hard-earned money.

The money you save on taxes becomes additional cash flow. This is in addition to the extra income you are earning with your business. It is always smart to discuss your tax-deductible expenses with a tax professional.

The ability to deduct a variety of expenses is possibly the greatest advantage of all!

Residual Income

The greatest advantage of a network marketing business is it gives individuals an opportunity to enjoy the residual income. Residual income sometimes referred to as passive income, is when you continue to get paid after the work is done. This means, if your network continues to generate repeat sales, then you will continue to get paid for that one sale long into the future. 

The key to obtaining residual income is leverage. Leverage in this sense is an investment strategy of using other people’s time or money in order to create a residual income.  By leveraging on other people’s time and effort, a substantial residual income is possible because you have developed others to do the same. In this business, it’s all about duplication and longevity.  Network marketing companies pay their distributors for work done by other distributors.

There is no cap on how much income you generate. In traditional jobs, your income is bound to a “market standard” for someone with your education, experience, and skills.    Regardless of how hard you work or how long, there are limitations to how much you earn.

According to, the network marketing industry has produced more millionaires, of average people than any other industry in the world.

It’s about people helping people. When you help others build a passive residual income, you are being successful. 


Network marketing has existed for decades and has evolved with technology. Today’s modern world is allowing businesses of this kind to grow and change the lives of many.  Success is attainable when there is a clear understanding of how to get there.  Use the internet to research tips on being successful at network marketing. Like any other job, you will maximize your growth and income potential when you are passionate about what you do.  

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