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Legal Shield Provides Legal Support When You Need It Most

Legal Shield allows its customers to worry less and live more with legal protection plans designed for families and businesses. Because we live in controlled societies, our lives are subject to laws. When you sign up with Legal Shield you have legal cover to help you with life’s inevitability, at highly affordable rates. From as little as $20 per month, families have access to a network of attorneys, that is accessible on a toll free number. The added benefit of the cover is that the legal support not only covers the members, but also spouses and children.

Legal Shield’s full suite of services encompasses family matters such as adoption, divorce and child custody as well as auto accidents and moving violations. Included in the various types of cover are also estate issues such as healthcare, wills and power of attorney. Legal Shield is willing to counsel clients on other matters such as property problems like rental issues, foreclosures and property disputes, as well as provide consumer protection and bankruptcy advice.

And, as you can see, try as hard as you may to live within the confines of the law, there will be times in your life when you will need to have a legal team on your side. Just being a member of a civil society requires you to adhere to certain rules and formats and hiring attorneys on a per project basis can become extremely expensive.

Legal Shield has been offering legal service plans in North America for over 40 years and protecting the legal interests of over 1.4 million families worldwide.

What Kind Of Cover Can You Expect In A Legal Shield Package?

Legal shield offers its packages to individuals and small businesses, two vulnerable groups of society that often do not have the knowledge or resources to invest in a legal team.

Legal shield provides a document and contract review service (subject to a maximum number of pages), as well as legal counsel and advice, drafting of attorney letters and calls. When you log a call with Legal Shield, you can expect a response within eight hours, from one of Legal Shield’s officially appointed attorneys. The attorney will assess your needs and inform on what legal services you need to resolve your problem.

What Are The Benefits For Small Businesses?

Legal cover is really important, but often highly unaffordable for small businesses. Legal Shield features some of the most needed business services such as advice on business law, legal consultation, assistance with debt collection, legal correspondence, review of contracts and business documents, and trial defense services.

If you believe that success requires balancing risk and reward then you will agree how essential it is to protect your rights as a business or as an individual. As lawsuits attract more attention and settlements become higher it only makes sense to go out into the world, equipped with the support you need to survive. Legal Shield’s promise means you will always have access to high quality legal advice when and where you need it.

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