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Artemis Limpert

Artemis Limpert

Artemis Limpert

Artemis Limpert is an entrepreneur and an award winning performer in many different disciplines. Limpert is also an international speaker who motivates those seeking to bring about a transformation in their personal and business lives. She stands tall in the contemporary human potential movement. She is also a renowned fitness champion who learned the significance of Educating her Expectations.

Limpert is a body for life grand champion. She came to the attention of Anthony Robbins -perhaps the most famous self-help guru in the world – principally because she is a winner whose mindset stands out as unique amongst her contemporaries. She is one of Robbins’ Infomercial TV spokespeople for his Get The Edge program.

The Human Potential Movement

The Human Potential Movement (HPM) has its origins in the 1960s. Those associated with the movement believe that most people have extraordinary potential inside them and that it is possible for this potential to be tapped into. The development of this potential would allow human beings to experience an exceptional quality of life marked by creativity and happiness. Many who find this potential within themselves go on to help others release their own untapped potential. They become teachers. Overall, society in general benefits from the release of this untapped human potential.

Network Marketing

The concept behind network marketing or multilevel marketing is very simple. Any business needs customers: that’s a fairly obvious thing to say. But think of things like this: what if your customers go out and get customers and you take a share of that commission? That’s network marketing. You hire independent representatives. These people are your sales force. They are the distributors of your goods and/or services. In turn, you encourage your independent representative to put together their own team of independent representatives. Successful network marketing have an overwhelming desire to help themselves and to help the people in their teams.

Each independent representative earns commission on her individual sales and on the sales made by her team of independent representative. You can begin to see the link here with the human potential movement. A network marketer has a very important coaching role. The more she develops as a teacher the more she can help her team of independent representative fulfill their potential and in turn become better teachers themselves.

A network marketer coaches her team to success. She has her system that she controls. She has the freedom to be creative and innovative and develop her business after her own mold. A successful network marketer will have a business and income that have unlimited potential to grow.

Artemis Limpert and Network Marketing

Limpert is one of those people who would be successful in whatever field she decides to enter. She was once a high flying, high earning corporate success. She decided to develop a network marketing organization. She had a few setbacks but within two years her company hit top ranking. She has trained thousands of distributors and her company is a million dollar earner.

Limpert new that to succeed she needed to become educated about her expectations. She uses a metaphor of vision to explain this education. You need to see network marketing as something that grows like your view. The first six months your view is quite narrow, like looking out your window onto your street. Over the next twelve months your view expands to the point where you have a helicopter view of your town. Finally over the next six months your view grows to that of being in space and seeing the whole of the planet.

For the network marketer, the message is learn from your sponsor and put into practice what you learn. The sooner you do this the sooner your view expands and the sooner your business expands with it.

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