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Celebrate Life, Health And Prosperity With Visalus And Be Rewarded For Your Efforts

Although much of our perception of success is shaped by “how much” we gain, when it comes to our bodies and our sense of achievement with regard to weight loss, we feel more successful the more we lose. Visalus abides by three pillar principles: life, health and prosperity and the brand has created a unique 90 day weight loss program for people who are serious about weight loss and fitness.

Fostering Accountability And Setting Goals For Success

Visalus has taken advantage of the social world we live in by making the weight loss programs interactive. At Visalus we know that the biggest weight loss results are achieved when people work together in groups and support one another. When groups of people make pledges to the world around them or to a wider network of people they are more likely to hold themselves accountable to fulfill those obligations.

The first step of the 90 day weight loss program is for the candidate to set a goal. We ask people to set their own benchmarks and expectations on what will make them happy. Then we reward them when they get there.

Get A Customized Kit, Optimized To Help You Realize Your Goal

Because we know how often people try to lose weight and fail, we have created a support kit to help you get through those rough patches. Make your selection according to your needs and lifestyle. Our weight loss range of products includes healthy balance kits, breakfast and meal replacement kits, weight loss kits and athletic support kits. They work well on their own or when used in conjunction with other products from our range.

All of Visalus’ foods are structured to deliver a full fiber serving, be low in fat, sugar and sodium and deliver lower carbohydrate contents than competing brands. Visalus also manufactures foods specifically designed to help you cope with food cravings and hunger pangs for when you might be tempted to veer off your eating plan. The full range also includes other supporting products such as metabolism activators, energy support and immune support products.

Be Rewarded For Achieving Your Goals

Visalus runs a number of incentive programs and competitions to reward people for their hard work. While weight loss and health is obviously a very personal goal w know that it is something that most people have to work very hard to achieve. And, if our products are instrumental in helping you achieve it, we want to share the moment. Every participant on our weight loss challenge has the opportunity to enter his r her weight loss story and results, and stand a chance to win $1000 of the $47 million on offer from Visalus every year.

It pays off to stay fit and healthy but if you have had negative experiences with yo yo diets or have a low self esteem because of a weight problem, we know how difficult it can be. Visalus wants to help you change your patterns of behavior and incentive’s all participants to lose the weight and keep it off.

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