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Let Seacret Sell Itself: How To Make Money From Home

Becoming a Seacret agent allows you to distribute a premium line of products through Canada, the USA, Vietnam, Korea and Australia. Seacret is the ideal product to launch a home business with. Established in 2005 Seacret’s range of Dead Sea products are all of the highest quality and naturally sourced. Since the brand’s launch it has generated in excess of $1 billion in retail sales.

With Seacret you can build a business helping other people, including friends and family, develop healthy skin. Through Seacret’s compensation plan you can earn commissions from your sales, as well as other members of your team. If you can sign up preferred customers, who order products from you every month, you can earn attractive commissions and residual income.

Why Seacret?

There are a number of significant reasons that starting a business with Seacret is a good idea:

    You Can Build Your Own Business At Home
    Seacret allows you to choose between a new fulltime career or a fun way to supplement your existing income with part time work. Use the opportunity to save up for a rainy day or a much needed vacation.

    Your Earning Potential Is Unlimited And Immediate
    As soon as you start promoting and selling Seacret products you can start earning. The simple structure of the Seacret system also ensures that your earning potential is unlimited. Residual income enables you to earn cash automatically.

    There Are No Eligibility Criteria
    You do not need any previous experience or qualifications to get started, just your natural passion and enthusiasm for selling the product.

    Be Your Own Boss; Lead Your Own Destiny
    Become an entrepreneur and work for yourself. Fit your business around your lifestyle, needs and wants. The smarter you work the more you can earn and the more flexible your hours will become.

    The Harder You Work The More You Can Earn
    Seacret’s compensation plan rewards the hardest working and most diligent sales agents. Make more profit by purchasing your products directly from Seacret at wholesale prices and then reselling them at retail prices.

    You can also make money by referring customers to the website where they can purchase products online. You earn the difference between the wholesale and retail prices.

    Earning Team Commission
    Working with the Seacret system means you can build up to two teams and earn as much as 15% of the business brought in by your lesser team.

Seacret’s Affordable Start Up Cost

Unlike many other businesses that require a significant capital r upfront investment Seacret’s startup costs are extremely affordable. All you have to pay for are the initial products and a $49 enrolment fee. With this once off purchase you buy into an existing brand that sells itself. In its nine years in business Seacret’s Dead Sea products have developed a reputation for great results. Ride in the wake of this success and create your own revenue stream from it.

Leveraging Purchases From Preferred Customers

Preferred customers are those who have registered for Seacret’s prepackaged product sets and ordered them to be delivered to their homes every month. because they are committed customers preferred customers are entitled to receive exclusive pricing, exclusive specials and promotions, free gifts and loyalty incentives.

Commissions from these programs can help you to build residual income. As much as 20 to 25% commission is available on these types of orders. When you achieve a minimum of 200 TPV every four weeks, you can earn preferred customer commission.

For every preferred client you refer you can earn credit towards your product purchases. It also helps to increase your sales volume and the residual income available to be earned every month.

Why Become A Seacret Preferred Customer?

Preferred customers earn up to 60% back in savings on products. They are also sent coupons on major holidays and gifts at various intervals throughout the year. Every product purchase helps you to accrue points, as well as give you access to a world class skincare advisor for personalized consultations.

Agents who are bronze status and above can also earn the Leadership Match Bonus. This bonus enables you to earn a stream of revenue simply by helping others to learn and understand Seacret’s compensation plan. You are eligible for up to 20% of the team’s commission when you assist.

What Start Up Costs Are Involved?

Three starter packs have been created for you to showcase these high quality products to friends and family:

  • Option 1 is the Basic Agent Set, which is available for $150 at wholesale price. Its retail value is $385.
  • Option 2 id the Premium Agent Set, for sale at $550 but which has a retail value of $1320.
  • Option 3 is the Special Seacret Agent Set, available for $1450. With a retail value in excess of $3730 it provides the greatest value as a business starter kit.

All Seacret products will be sold to you at wholesale prices, so you can get your first taste of entrepreneurial reselling by marketing them to friends and family at retail prices. The Special Seacret Agent Set includes all the products for you to promote. If this is not affordable for you initially you can always buy one of the smaller packs and add extras as you see demand or when you star selling your first products. When you managed to sign four preferred customers up, you are entitled to free product replenishment on a monthly basis.

Teach Yourself, Teach Others, Start Earning

When you join the company you receive a Seacret briefcase which contains all the ingredients you will need to start and maintain your new business successfully. Seacret makes available items like audio CDs, live training calls five days a week, email and telephonic support for questions, information and feedback.

You also receive a free personalized website to help you sell your products wherever you are, to an international audience. Having a website means you can make and process orders 24 hours a day and keep track of all your orders and commissions electronically and automatically.

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