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Are you tired of working your basic 9-5 job? Why not set out in the world to become an entrepreneur? There are a lot of network marketing companies that will allow you to do so, but it’s hard to tell if they’re scams or not. That’s why you should go with Scentsy.

Scentsy is a fragrance producer that has a ton of consultants already signed on with them and you can do the same. To help you decide if this company is right for you, keep reading to learn more about what it is and how to get started.

Scentsy Opportunity

To get started with the Scentsy opportunity you’ll first pick out a kit. The basic starter kit is $99, and the enhanced kit is $149. It may seem like a lot to some people, but they come with everything you need to get started with your business. Besides, if you play your cards right, you’ll be able to make it all back and then some.

Both kits contain product samples, a full range of business tools, and access to your own Scentsy site for three months. If after the trial period is over and you decide you want to stay on with Scentsy, it will cost you around $10 a month.

When you order your products through Scentsy, you will have to pay the full retail price rather than a wholesale price like other programs. Once you order your products, you’ll be able to make a hefty amount in commissions.

There is more to the Scentsy opportunity than selling products, however. The best consultants spend a good chunk of time recruiting others. When you recruit others, Scentsy compensates you for it.

As you recruit people and make sales, you’ll get to increase your rank within the program. If you make it all the way to director or higher, you’ll be able to get a nice bonus.

Scentsy Products

To make money, you’ve got to sell quality products. Scentsy is all about filling the lives of their clients with lovely fragrances. Their products come in a range of scents like bakery, citrus, fruity, spice, floral, woods, and fresh.

To give you an idea of what you’ll be selling, let’s go over the different products that will come in your kit. Other than catalogs and booklets you’ll get a warmer and bars of wax to put in the warmer. This allows you to show clients how it works, as well as get them familiar with the scents. The kit also includes high-performance cleaning products that you can show off, laundry products, a travel bag full of different waxes, and samples of body products you can let customers try out.

Other than the products that come in the kit, Scentsy sells a variety of diffusers, essential oils, sprays, laundry liquid, fabric softeners, bathroom cleaners, dish soaps, bath bombs, creams, body washes, and even pet shampoos.

Is Scentsy a Scam or Pyramid Scheme?

Network marketing companies have a bad reputation for being scams and pyramid schemes. Rest assured that Scentsy is a legit company that you can earn money through. To explain, let us first go over what a pyramid scheme looks like in network marketing.

Some companies will trick you into signing up (and signing other people up) to sell a product that doesn’t exist. They promise to give you compensation for selling this “product” but instead take your hard-earned money.

Scentsy isn’t one of these companies. There is an actual product line that you will be selling and earning money from. Their goal is to allow people like you to have financial freedom, not to separate you from your money.

Scentsy Compensation Plan

We got a little bit into the compensation plan above but now we’re going to go into it in a bit more detail. The compensation plan allows you to earn up to 25% commissions. If you reach up to 2000 personal retail volume points, then you can get a 5% increase. This is fantastic for a network marketing company.

There are eight different consultant levels. Each one has its own unique compensation availability. You’ll start out as an essential consultant which will give you 20% commissions. It’s the lowest amount you can get.

From there you can move up to a certified consultant, which will get you a 5% increase. From certified consultant you can go up into the upper levels. These upper levels include lead consultant, star, superstar, director, star director, and superstar director. The director positions get you another 5% increase.

Scentsy History

At Scentsy, everyone is passionate about what they do. The best way to show you this passion is to tell you a little bit about the company’s history. Scentsy started out back in 2004 as a small company based in Idaho.

Kara Egan decided to create a product that no person can live without. This product ended up being a wickless, fire-hazard-free way of adding amazing fragrances to the home. Kara joined up with her sister-in-law Colette to make the Scentsy product.

They took this product to a home show where they met Orville Thompson. He became intrigued by the product and took it home to his wife Heidi; she too fell in love with it. That sparked a trusted partnership. Orville began to work with Kara and Colette to grow their company.

Over time, Orville and his wife bought the Scentsy company. Kara and Colette continue to work with the brand to this day, as it grows into something bigger than they could have ever dreamed.

Making a Living with Scentsy

So, are you ready to quit your 9-5 and become your own boss? Try getting started with Scentsy. It’s one of the few network marketing companies that isn’t a pyramid scheme. We promise that once you get your kit and start selling that you’ll fall as in love with the product as the ones who created it.

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