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Why A Lifelong Commitment To Personal Development Is A Necessity In The Network Marketing Industry

For True Success Network Marketing has to be a life-long commitment, and on the journey it is likely to bring out every possible personality weakness or flaw in yourself. Networking marketing is also a relationship based profession, and in order to connect with others, you need to develop a really solid relationship with yourself.

A lot of the most successful network marketers have invested in personal development to give them the stamina and self-awareness required to prosper. If you’re reading this is a chance that you’ve observed the highs or feel good moments you experience are easy to achieve when you attend the seminars or read the books or do the programs, but when you go back to life as you know it, you might fall straight back into your old habits of behavior or negative thought patterns that are counteractive to productivity.

The Struggle For Change Between The Conscious And The Subconscious

This is actually quite normal, and it shows how strong the bond between the conscious and subconscious mind is. Your subconscious mind stores your beliefs and your conscious mind controls your decision-making ability. When the two parts of the mind are not integrated it will feel like you are taking one step forward and two steps backwards.

If you can think of your brain as a computer, the subconscious mind would be a computer program that runs in the background automatically. Now, you must remember that it will override your decision-making ability, unless the belief structure can be changed.

So that means without personal development, which teaches you about yourself, any decisions you might make about being successful, investing a lot of energy into your business or trying to turn your life around will not work, unless you can tackle your belief systems. And this is what personal development teaches us.

Why personal development is necessary for making money

This concept is very true when it comes to finances and making money in network marketing. If you approach it with the belief that you will not or cannot make enough money, your subconscious mind will sabotage your conscious mind to prove itself right. So how do you change that belief system?

Spend Some Time Alone

Set aside 7 to 15 minutes every day where you can sit in a quiet, uninterrupted place and observe your own thoughts. To do this you need to take a backseat and watch yourself thinking rather than allowing yourself to believe your thoughts. Once you can observe your own thoughts you will start to understand your patterns of behavior. Your behavior is simply a manifestation of your thoughts and beliefs; when you can change those you can change your behavior.

Program Your New Beliefs

Once you have been doing your observation for a few days you can start popping the old thoughts out as they come in and start replacing them with new, more positive beliefs. Until you can do this, any decisions you will want to make will be impossible because of the power of the subconscious mind.

Personal development is a process of self actualization following self awareness. Network marketing is the ultimate exercise in self development and your understanding of yourself. Developing your mental focus leads to improved productivity and better quality of work in any network marketing endeavor.

  • Emily
    March 30, 2014 at 6:21 am

    Personal development is key in my opinion. I like taking online courses and learning new things. The experiences add an extra dimension to my marketing efforts.

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