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Optavia, LLC (Optavia) uses the phrase “roots in scientific rigor.” There’s a reason Optavia does this. Their weight loss products are based on scientific facts and principles. They have the medical research and corporate leaders backing it to prove it to you.

Optavia, LLC Opportunity

Every once in a while, you get an opportunity in life that gives you a service or product that you use, believe in, and want to tell others about. Optavia is that opportunity. Their food product isn’t like anything that other weight-loss companies offer. They stand at the top of the weight-loss food product and program hierarchy. Optavia sells a food product line that offers everything from light snacks to full meals that are called “Fuelings.” Fuelings are available to people in kits with multiple food products per kit or individually. Optavia has two categories of Fuelings. One is called Essential and the other is called Select.

Optavia has over one million clients with over 20,000 doctors recommending the program. So, you can make money while doing something beneficial and worthy for others, and it’s all built into the opportunity. Optavia products are only sold through coaches. It costs $199 to become a coach so you can receive your own Optavia Business Kit and start your own business. The Optavia Business Kit comes with tools, plan information, and twelve months of a personalized Optavia website that is for your career growth and development.

Optavia Products

Optavia food products are like none other because they are recommended for weight-loss by over 20,000 doctors. You can embrace the food products they sell by coaching others on what the Optavia program and food selection provided you and your previous customers. Optavia focuses on healthy weight loss. They give you all the tools you need to lose the weight you target over a designated period. Optavia sells the Fuelings in addition to shakes, bars, and smoothies. 30-day kits can purchase Fuelings with samplings or you can buy them individually. You can pick and choose what you want from their lengthy list of yummy food offerings.

Optavia also sells the Optimal Weight and Health Meal Replacement products, which tend to lean towards your shakes, soups, breakfasts, and dessert lines. They also offer Lean and Green Meals for any green and healthy meals that come already pre-packaged for you in boxes with six servings each. Their food products include their snacks and all kinds of flavor infusers that range from Raspberry to Lemonade for daily water servings. Finally, they offer herbal supplements that help your digestion, heart, and some melatonin for a full-body healthy weight loss experience.

Is Optavia a Scam or Pyramid Scheme?

Optavia offers one of the healthiest weight loss programs that include the foundation of Dr. A’s Habits of a Healthy System. Optavia is more concerned about a healthy you than a fast-weight loss and weight-gain back scam program. Optavia provides its customers with a coach to help support, motivate, and keep them on track. That’s a big difference between them and other gimmick diet fads and scams. When you become a distributor, you get a health coach and join other community people also on the program. There’s no scam or pyramid in Optavia because their compensation plan is so forthright and honest. Their weight loss program is healthy and effective and as a coach, if you build a network with a strong client-base, you can make decent income.

Optavia offers some special weight loss programs, like the Optimal Weight 5&1, which allows you 800 to 1,000 calorie meals per day. Optavia also offers The Optimal Health 3&3 Plan. This plan is for maintenance purposes for any customers who have already reached their optimal weight goals. The plan helps keep them choosing healthy and balanced meals to keep the weight off. Optavia has been open since 2002 and has an A+ rating with BBB. Their parent company is Medifast, but Optavia alone reached over $117 million in one quarter of 2018 in just one quarter. They have over 19,000 distributors at Optavia and they aren’t go anywhere but up in distributors and profits in 2020.

Optavia Compensation Plan

You are paid when you’re a coach. Your compensation is paid as a percentage of the amount of money spent on the commissionable goods at retail cost by customers you bring on board. You also get a commission from your customers because you are their coach and provide motivation, nutritional facts, and more about the program. You can also get bonuses for team growth and leadership. Your business opportunity is based on your monthly performance which in this program is easy to meet for any sales and coaching quotas.

The Optavia compensation program offers an untold number of benefits and other monetary value perks. They have a community-building network they offer to their network of Optavia coaches so you can work in synergy with your network and your clients. They give you a completely integrated business tool program that offers entrepreneurial support from industry-recognized figures. Optavia is a company built on family values by helping others with integrity and solutions to their weight-loss issues.

Optavia History

Optavia was founded by Bradley MacDonald and Dr. Wayne Scott Anderson as Medifast. Since Medifast’s inception in 1980, it created Optavia as a subsidiary with Medifast becoming Optavia’s parent company. Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen, a critical care physician, was one of the founding partners. He saw too many people in critical care conditions due to unhealthy diets and weight. Mr. MacDonald and Dr. Anderson created a diet program that’s unique in that doctor and clinical studies back it.

Shortly after their official launch, the founders realized that everyone who is trying to stay on a healthy diet and lose weight could benefit from personal outreach and support. They formed the distributor Health Coach and haven’t had to revise or revamp their services, products, or compensation system with it because it works for those losing weight. As a large benefit it also provides healthy compensation for those who want to help others reach their personal weight goals.

Optavia offers science, research, Health Coaches, and amazing food products that also taste good. That’s a win-win for customers, coaches, distributors and Optavia, LLC.

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