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It’s a date: Your network marketing calendar

After you have chosen the network marketing tactics most appropriate to reach your goals, create a network marketing calendar to organize and schedule how you will carry out your promotional action steps.

Unpredictability is a major cause of stress for many business owners. A network marketing calendar protects you from the unknown by providing a blueprint for your future. Your calendar gives you a big picture – showing you how all the elements of your network marketing plan work together.

Imagine your network marketing business before using a calendar as being like looking out a window that’s so clouded you cannot see what’s going on. Your calendar clears the window and makes everything apparent.

Your network marketing calendar helps you avoid costly shotgun marketing and engage in laser-focused, profitable campaigns you can track and measure. It prevents you from leaving anything out of the picture. The calendar renews your commitment and your teams commitment as well since everyone can see their efforts as an investment in a consistent network marketing plan.

The most useful multi-level marketing calendar will spell out each promotion, activity and event. Include the network marketing costs for each tactic along with the effect that came from the event. By doing this, you will always know which promotions were productive and which ones to change or drop, thus eliminating the guesswork when it comes to marketing dollars.

Google offers a free program you can use to make your events viewable to others. You can make it a private or public calendar so you can show your team if you choose. This is a free way to keep your team members up to date on what’s coming in the way of trainings, conference calls and company events.

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