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What Personality Traits do you Need for Multi-Level Marketing?

What Personality Traits do you Need for Multi-Level Marketing?

There are many ways to make money from home these days. This is especially great for stay at home parents and students. Multi Level Marketing has taken over. People are flocking to these companies due to the ease of working at your own pace. With working at your own pace you have the ability to create your own schedule. The biggest perk of all, you get to be your own boss.

Who doesn't want to be their own boss, work at their own pace and to keep a schedule they choose? It sounds like a dream. With Multi Level Marketing it is no longer a dream. It can become a reality with enough willpower, time, and dedication. Of course, there are many people who try to do a multi level marketing business and fail. This can be attributed to having the wrong personality type.

You may be asking yourself, "What do you mean wrong personality?". People tend to fall into one of four categories when it comes to personalities. These personalities are typically broken down into colors; red, blue, yellow, and green. According to Northwestern University, there are five specific character traits as well; Neuroticism, extroversion, openness, agreeableness, and conscientiousness. You are now curious as to what these colors mean. Below are breakdowns of each individual personality type.

Personality Type Red – The Leader

The red personality can also be referred to as the Leader. People that have the personality of the leader are typically going to be very controlling of the situation. They like to drive the conversation. If you are a red personality you will typically be extremely organized. You also may look for ways that you can improve things.

Leader personalities tend to like taking control even when the control is not theirs. Leaders enjoy being recognized for their accomplishments. People with a red personality like to be right all the time and do not like being told they are not. Another trait of a red personality is the love of competition, especially if they are the winners.

Personality traits that a Red Personality may have that are great for Multi Level Marketing:

  • They are very knowledgable; this will help when giving descriptions of products and company facts.
  • They enjoy competition; with so many multi level marketing companies, they want to stand out above the rest.
  • They love to take control; it is up to them to take control of their own business.
  • They enjoy recognition; MLM companies tend to show recognition to top sellers and merchandise movers.

Personality Type Blue – The Socializer

The socializer personality type are very into themselves. They are very eager to over-share their stories and experiences. A person with a blue personality type with be very detailed in their stories and descriptions. Socializers tend to be open book, with colorful pages.

Blue personalities love having a good time. They are usually known as the life of the party. Socializers get along with new people with ease. They seem to be 'social butterflies'. Socializers love to follow trends as well as create them. Because of their likability a socializer may be very popular and have a large group of friends.

Traits that makes Blue Personalities great at MLM:

  • They have a large group of friends; This makes chances of them making sales or recruiting a lot easier, as they can involve their close friends.
  • They are known to be trendy; people tend to like to follow trends and if they know a trendy person is into something, it must be the next big thing.
  • They are always meeting new people; due to a socializer being so open, they meet new people regularly and these new people can be potential customers.
  • They aren't afraid to talk; this leads to socializers being able to be very detailed about products new and upcoming. Knowledge of a product leads to sales.

Personality Type Yellow – The Relator

Relators are people who tend to be very sensitive. Empaths are typically relators as they feel a sense of being able to relate to others. Relators are very good at understanding the emotions and cues of others. They try to see the best in people. One thing yellow personalities have in common with red personalities is that they are typically well organized.

People who have a yellow personality love to help people. They are always there when a friend needs them. They enjoy being needed by others. A relator is typically very laid back and cares about what others wants above their needs. This being said, they are not pushy, especially when it comes to business.

Traits that make Yellow personalities good at MLM:

  • They are very organized; this is good when having to store products and upkeep.
  • They relate to others; they are able to sense what someone needs or is looking for. This helps with making sales.
  • They care about others; a relator is interested in making their customers happy. They don't want to trick anyone into anything.
  • They are laid back; because of this, people don't feel like they are being forced into anything.

Personality Type Green – The Thinker

The green personality, or Thinker, is the last of the four personality types. A thinker is very analytically. They are very interested in detail. When they learn about new things, they want to know everything about those things. Thinkers tend to ask a lot of questions.

A person with a green personality is easily persuaded into anything without researching and analyzing the situation. Thinkers seems to run on logic instead of emotions. All their choices have been carefully thought out. A thinker enjoys being right about things when someone thinks they are wrongs.

Traits of a Green Personality that is good is MLM:

  • They are knowledgable; due to their question asking, Thinkers tend to know details and facts about the products, company, owners, and business happenings.
  • They run on logic instead of emotion; they have a product and can explain to you why you need it.
  • They research everything; this makes it easy to answer the hard questions.

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